In late October, ETSI organized for the first time a user conference for advanced automated testing – UCAAT for short. This conference is, on contrary to many other academic conferences and workshops on automated testing, dedicated to the practical engineering and application aspects of automated testing including model-based testing, test methodologies, test management and use of test languages. It is a practical and industrial conference that aims to give users from different application domains a chance to meet and share their practical experiences, lessons learned and get advice on the use and application of latest techniques, methods, frameworks and tools. The idea is that users present independent of tool vendors.

This year’s UCAAT ( turned out to be an incredible success reaching more than 200 participants. It was very nice to see that the presented application spectrum was wide and represented in more-or-less equal parts telecom, IT, defense, automotive, and internet tech – which was not only true of the presentations but also the participants.

All the presentations are publicly available and can be downloaded from the UCAAT website. Check out these couple of presentations: