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Understanding Stochastic Use Case Testing and Markov Chaining
In this post I'll go through the basics for "stochastic use case testing". It is sometimes called also "Markov chaining" or "Markov testing". There are variations of this technique, of course, but my aim here is to cover the common ground and share some thoughts on where methods like this are best applied. (more…)
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Java Still #1 Programming Language, OCL does not Make Top 100
According to the recent TIOBE index (February 2012), Java is still the #1 active programming language in the world, even though it has been losing ground to C# (.NET) and Objective-C (Apple's devices). The importance to model-based testing and Conformiq is that we use Java as the language for system models that drive test generation.…
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Does Modeling (Reactive) Systems Require Special Languages?
Lars Frantzen writes: In several commercial and academic projects we have struggled with the problem of the lack of a proper language to model reactive systems. Such models should be used to specify and test (in a model-based fashion) reactive systems. Currently, either no real language at all was used (like XML), or some old…
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Why Computers Design Tests Differently (from Humans)?
One complaint against computer-generated test cases is that they differ from those designed by humans. Somehow, computer-generated test cases have a different feel to them, and it is sometimes difficult for humans to grasp what is the crux or focal point of a test case produced by a model-based test generator, such as Conformiq Designerâ„¢.…
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Top Three Problems with Model-Based Testing
According to the recent model-based testing users survey, the top three problems MBT users face are in this order (see p. 26 of the report): Modeling is too hard Models blow up (the tool in use does not scale to complex models) Generated tests miss bugs These are all real problems and we have certainly…
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2011 MBTUC Model-Based Testing User Survey is Out
The results of a (small) survey of model-based testing users has been released and is available here. According to the results, 73% of users were "very likely" or "extremely likely" to continue using model-based testing in their organization, More analysis to follow later.
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Conformiq CTO to Present Automated AUTOSAR Testing
Dr. Stephan Schulz, Conformiq's CTO, will give a presentation on "Automating AUTOSAR Functional Test Design with Model-Based Testing" at the SAE 2012 World Congress, to be held in Detroit, USA in April 2012. The SAE 2012 World Congress theme, Get Connected, is said to represent the new and diverse connections that will drive significant advancements…
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