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ETSI TTCN-3 User Conference and Model-Based Testing Workshop 2012 Announced
11th edition of ETSI T3UC-2012: ETSI TTCN-3 User Conference and Model-Based Testing Workshop will be hosted in Bangalore, India on June 11-14, 2012. See the official website. The conference is co-organized by Sasken, ISQT International, and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). Topics include industrially deployed MBT (Model-Based Testing) technology, agile development, and machine-to-machine (M2M)…
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Understanding Pairwise Test Generation
Combinatorial test data generators generate data tables for testing. The most basic, commonly used combinatorial data generation strategy is what is known as pairwise testing, all-pairs testing, covering arrays or Taguchi designs. (The term orthogonal array is sometimes used also, but it actually refers to a method for designing statistical experiments and is subtly different.)…
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Using Conformiq Designer with Different Test Execution Platforms
We are often asked if we execute test cases and how, so here some comments regarding that. Conformiq Designer generates tests but does not execute them. In order to automatically execute tests generated by Conformiq Designer, you need to get them out of Conformiq Designer in a format that an external test execution platform can…
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Automatic Test Data Generation by Constraint Solving
Conformiq Designer generates test data automatically from system models using something known as "constraint solving". In this blog post I want to explain how this works. It is actually an FAQ: "where does the test data come from?" Many first-time users are actually confused by the fact that there is no manual test data entry,…
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Why Conformiq Designer Costs $______?
Please excuse the blunt title of this post. It is an FAQ why Conformiq Designer costs exactly as much as it does, and here are some answers. (Note that this post is not about the actual price itself, but only about the pricing logic.) (more…)
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Why Conformiq Dropped Online Testing Support (For Now)
When Conformiq Designer 1.0 was released at the beginning of 2007 it had support for both test script generation as well as for online testing. The idea of online testing is simply that a model-based testing tool interacts directly with the system under test, instead of the tool generating a test script that can be…
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Why Testing will not Die for a Long Time
There are managers who hate testing. They think testing is just a cost sink, and that if their software engineers would be clever enough and would follow clean and rigorous processes there wouldn't be any need for testing. And they might be right. It is not beyond imagination to envision a software process that simply…
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Can Implementation Models be Reused for Automatic Test Generation?
Some companies implement parts of their products using Model Driven Engineering (MDE). In this approach, implementation code is generated, at least partially, from system models. In those domains where it works, the MDE approach can lead to significant cost savings and quality improvement. It is then natural to ask if the same implementation models can…
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