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Four Bogus Testing Metrics
Practically every time we engage with a customer we need to discuss testing metrics and testing productivity. During the years we have seen lots of different approaches to this, and of course there are also well-known testing metrics published in books and on the internet. Here four testing metrics that I think are either bogus…
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Wolfgang Griegskamp on Graphical Modeling
In a recent interview (see the whole post), Wolfgang Griegskamp, one of the authors of Microsoft's SpecExplorer tool, says: We didn’t really meet with large interest in the community we dealt with at Microsoft, which consists of software developers and test engineers. Everyone has a software development background. For those people graphical notations don’t really…
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ETSI Model-Based Testing User Conference Draws Near
The first international model-based testing user conference, organized this year by ETSI in Berlin, Germany, draws near. The conference is co-chaired by Wolfgang Griegskamp, the father of SpecExplorer who recently moved from Microsoft to Google, and Stephan Schulz, CTO of Conformiq and the chair for testing and specification methodologies committee within ETSI. The three-day event…
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Michael Mlynarski: Testing ROI Difficult to Formulate
On his model-based testing blog, Michael Mlynarski writes: In this session we have discussed the ROI of software testing techniques. More than 20 experienced testers or test managers had difficulties on formulating the ROI of any testing technique. Two main arguments were about reducing the costs for bug-fixes in late stages of the development process…
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Call for Papers: IEEE-ICIT 2012 Special Session: Model Based Testing and Engineering
The IEEE conference International Conference on Industrial Technology 2012, to take place in Greece, will have a special session on model-based testing and engineering. Program committee is predominantly from Germany, and is missing all the top-tier model-based testing tool vendors. Nevertheless, this special section highlights the growing importance of model-based testing. From the call for…
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Paul Bordeaux: Top Ten Software Bugs
I found this on the net a while ago: Paul Bordeaux's personal compilation of top ten software bugs in the history. The #1 entry is totally amazing. Paul writes: In 1983, Soviet early warning satellites picked up sunlight reflections off cloud-tops and mistakenly interpreted them as missile launches in the United States. Software was in…
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