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Conformiq and iRise Partner to Deliver the Fastest Path to Automated Software Testing
Conformiq features iRise in Integrated Cockpit for Visualization, Validation and Automated Software Test   SAN JOSE, CA. January 26, 2016. Conformiq™ and iRise™ have partnered to deliver an integrated solution for software testing. This Conformiq / iRise integration is the fastest way to automated software testing success. iRise provides a platform for collaboration around prototypes,…
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New Conformiq Transformer Automates Tests for Execution
We all know the power of test automation and model-based testing (MBT). But has your traditional test automation approach lived up to its promise? Do you spend 70% of your time in test execution? Do you use a variety of software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools? Do you have legacy test and manual tests you want…
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What’s New in Conformiq Creator?
Our new Conformiq Creator 2.1.3 release is available now! As you know, Conformiq Creator, part of the Conformiq 360○ Test Automation solution, provides the most sophisticated and comprehensive automated test design solution in the industry, enabling the next generation of testing for complex testing environments. It accelerates the software development lifecycle, supporting Agile testing, functional…
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When Should I Stop Modeling?
Model-based testing saves you lots of time and money. It’s true, and believe me - I’m deeply convinced about that. Model-based testing helps you generate better tests faster, with better quality. Something else the test manager must be aware of: it’s fun to create models! Who would not prefer to create models rather than create…
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Conformiq VP Speaks at India’s Top Software Testing Conference
Clark Cochran, Conformiq VP of Alliances, Speaks at STC in Bangalore   SAN JOSE, CA. November 10, 2015. Conformiq, which is transforming software testing with the most sophisticated and comprehensive automated test design solution in the industry, will participate in the 15th Annual International Software Testing Conference (STC 2015.) This year’s theme is “Conscious Quality…
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Why keyword-driven MBT is the future of web application testing
The challenge of testing web applications is becoming more and more predominant in our world. Basically the big challenge is how to describe what we want tested in a graphical manner, while facing frequent changes to the user interface with little time and ever-increasing application complexity. Usually, we as testers base our test cases on…
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Why Not Demand 100% Functional Coverage Every Time?
Are you doing functional testing, and facing these challenges? Does your product have to get to market faster? Is its complexity increasing in every release? Are your release cycles getting even shorter? Do you need to reduce testing costs? If you are facing any, or all, of these challenges, you are reading the right article!…
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Click here to automate everything!
Probably every test manager dreams of a world where test scripts work the first time, where tests and test scripts are maintained automatically, and where our test team spends their time on finding faults and going deeper in the system rather than redoing the same tests again and again because of changes in the specification.…
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