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Mutation Operators in Conformiq Designer
In recent blog posts about test generation for mutation testing, I have detailed that mutants introduce small changes into the original model each mimicking a potential software bug. These changes are seeded on a set of mutation operators that are rules applied to the system to create mutants. These are simple syntactic or semantic transformation…
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Generating Tests for Mutation Analysis
Recently I wrote a blog post about mutation testing. That post was a high level overview of what mutation testing is and how mutation analysis can be applied in automatic test generation. This time I was thinking of writing a more hands-on blog post about how to interpret and understand test cases generated by Conformiq’s…
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Conformiq Designer 5.0 for Mutation Testing
We are super excited to announce the release of Conformiq Designer 5.0 which includes a support for mutation testing! This version of Designer automatically designs and generates test cases that target certain types of software bugs. This support will not only immensely increase the quality of the generated test cases, but also provides a better…
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Mutation Testing
Mutation testing is a software testing method which involves modifying the system code in small changes, yielding a faulty system, a mutant of the original one. These changes mimic typical errors that a programmer could have made. The goal is to find weaknesses in a test suite and to develop more effective one. Mutation analysis is typically…
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MBT User Survey 2019
If you have evaluated, used, or are using any model-based testing approach, please take a few minutes to respond to the 2019 Model-based Testing User Survey. This year, the 2019 MBT User Survey is a joint initiative of the French and German Testing Boards. It is already the fourth edition of this survey. Our purpose…
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Conformiq is Hiring!
Conformiq is a global, privately held company with offices in the United States, Finland and India. The company has a culture and environment that combines the best of the energy of the Silicon Valley and the Nordic know-how. Our mission is to enable our customers to create better software faster and with lower costs. While…
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Creator 4.0 — Faster and More Capable Than Ever Before
The stuff that I often write about pertains to performance of test generation. The reason for this is quite clear: performance has been and still is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in deploying model based testing and automated test design in an industrial context. We, as a technology provider, are not the only one affected by this. In…
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Solving a Game of Sudoku Using a Test Generator
OK I admit that this is a bit farfetched. I don’t ever recall a test manager whose biggest concern would have been how to efficiently solve and test Sudokus. I was simply in a mood of having some fun and what would be better than working with a Sudoku problem. I bet that you have…
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Writing Test Cases Manually Is Faster Than Modeling… Huh?
Over the years I have been wondering why folks involved in testing are not more eager to adopt practices that we have shown numerous times to be superior to current practices. Let’s face it, making sure that all the interesting scenarios and corner cases have properly, effectively, and efficiently been tested is not an easy…
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