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The Many Faces of Conformiq Test Generation Technology
Quite often when people talk about MBT (Model Based Testing) they intuitively assume that model is always something with “boxes and arrows”; that is the model in MBT needs to be graphical and it is constructed out of some kind of nodes or vertices which are then connected using arrows of some sort. To some,…
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TechM — DevOps Ready Automated Test Execution and Management Platform
Tech Mahindra – an Indian multinational specialist in digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering solutions across the Enterprise/IT and Communications markets– has created a DevOps platform called “Continuous Test Management” or CTM for short where an integral part is “Continuous Testing” as they call it. CTM is essentially a platform that goes from fully automated test…
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Extending the Use of Conformiq MBT Beyond Functional Testing
Conformiq is a technology provider for advanced Model Based Test (MBT) automation. At the heart of this capability is our engine which automatically generates functional test cases from a model of the system you are testing. The technology assumes no implementation details of the system and we validate whether the given system conforms to its…
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“But I already know the test cases that we need.”
I would be a very rich man if I would get paid a dime every time I hear this statement when meeting a potential customer. “I already know the test cases that we need.” Frankly, I have a really hard time understanding this statement and always need to be careful not to reply with “You’ve…
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Why System Modeling is Often Perceived More Difficult than Test Modeling?
Creating a system model – a model that directly describes the intended system behavior – is “easier” than creating tester models – models that describe the testing strategies themselves. This position has been demonstrated both within practical and theoretical frameworks. This correlates well with day-to-day observations of test managers: defining, designing, and expressing testing strategies…
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Why Applying One Testing Design Method is Not Enough
Every now and then Conformiq Designer and Creator are compared against other testing tools that employ one type of test design heuristic, for example a combinatorial testing tool for generating optimized pair-wise test data. The capability of generating such combinatorial data combinations is one testing method that in practice has been observed to be an…
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Test Design Techniques
Test design concerns making the decisions on (1) what to and what not to test, (2) how to stimulate the system and with what data values, and (3) how the system should react and respond to the stimuli. It is a separate task from test execution and is done before executing the tests against the…
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Conditional Coverage Heuristics
Some time ago I wrote a short blog post about equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis. Now with new version of Conformiq Designer coming out very soon we have introduced quite a few new testing heuristics and coverage options that are based on equivalence class partitioning I wanted to write about how Conformiq can use…
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