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Why Applying One Testing Design Method is Not Enough
Every now and then Conformiq Designer and Creator are compared against other testing tools that employ one type of test design heuristic, for example a combinatorial testing tool for generating optimized pair-wise test data. The capability of generating such combinatorial data combinations is one testing method that in practice has been observed to be an…
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Test Design Techniques
Test design concerns making the decisions on (1) what to and what not to test, (2) how to stimulate the system and with what data values, and (3) how the system should react and respond to the stimuli. It is a separate task from test execution and is done before executing the tests against the…
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Conditional Coverage Heuristics
Some time ago I wrote a short blog post about equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis. Now with new version of Conformiq Designer coming out very soon we have introduced quite a few new testing heuristics and coverage options that are based on equivalence class partitioning I wanted to write about how Conformiq can use…
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Combinatorial Test Data Generation with Conformiq
Suppose a system model states that when a message comes in, it is forwarded out unchanged. This particular message has a number of fields, some of them integers, some strings. For some reason there is cause to suspect that the forwarding feature in the real implementation might be flawed, so we would like to have…
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Conformiq is Hiring!
Conformiq is a global, privately held company with a mission to help companies reduce their test design costs with our innovative model-based Automated Test Design™ technology for software and systems. Our Conformiq Designer™ software is the most advanced product in Automated Test Design, which is a breakthrough methodology in testing, generating high quality executable test…
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Distributed Test Generation
As detailed in a blog post I wrote a couple of months ago, the core of Conformiq DesignerTM is a custom crafted  semantics driven, symbolic state space exploration  algorithm for test generation from system models (because this is really the only known solution that robustly generates both test inputs and outputs from a system model…
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What is Important When Selecting an MBT Tool?
Interest towards model-based testing has increased quite significantly over the years as people have started to reach limits of traditional approaches and at the same time started to see and understand the benefits that applying MBT can have to the quality assurance function. In this blog post, I’m outlining what is really important when you…
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Equivalence Class Partitioning and Boundary Value Analysis as Black Box Test Design Heuristics
Boundary value analysis is a refinement of the equivalence class partitioning method which again is one of the most generally applicable methods for black-box test design. The idea of equivalence class partitioning is to divide the all possible inputs to the system into “equivalence classes”, i.e. sets of inputs that should produce “analogous” results and “work…
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