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Performance of Test Generation
Test generation from system models is computationally very hard: Just generating input sequences that cover all the statements of a system model is theoretically an undecidable problem, meaning it can be never solved completely. This does not mean there couldn’t be an algorithm that handles most of the industrially relevant problem instances, but it gives…
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In late October, ETSI organized for the first time a user conference for advanced automated testing – UCAAT for short. This conference is, on contrary to many other academic conferences and workshops on automated testing, dedicated to the practical engineering and application aspects of automated testing including model-based testing, test methodologies, test management and use…
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Conformiq White Paper: Why Automate Test Design?
We recently published a white paper about the reasons why the process of test design should be automated. Test design is a task of making decisions on what to test and what not, how to stimulate the system and with what data values, and how to system should react and respond to the stimuli. The…
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End-to-End and Interoperability Testing with MBT
I recently had an opportunity to present in ETSI’s UCAAT conference a way to use component-enabled MBT to overcome some of the shortcomings with current interoperability and end-to-end testing approaches. Because this raised quite a lot of interest in the conference, I wanted to write a short blog post about the subject. (more…)
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Black-box vs. White-box Coverage
When talking about black-box and white-box testing, the term "box" refers to the system under test or SUT where the "color of the box" refers to the visibility that a tester has to the internal details of the SUT. When we talk about black-box testing, the tester judges the quality and correctness of the system…
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