AI in Testing
Is Artificial Intelligence Changing The Future Of Testing Industry? Current Testing Landscape: Manual and automated testing– these two primary testing warriors work in tandem to uncover software faults and defects. AI promises to handle repetitive, monotonous tasks, freeing up time for more essential work. AI software […]
Data Analytics in Testing
Can Data Analytics Find Its Application In Software Test Automation? The Ever-Evolving Testing Market Currently, around the globe, the organizational processes have been evolving with the adoption of newer technologies and the addition of extended support with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has indeed accelerated the […]
Conformiq Agile Testing
Agile techniques can significantly improve IT value delivery by transforming IT-business partnerships. However, value can only be provided when the broader IT management teams create a culture that promotes agile success. For efficient operations, every organisation, large, medium, and small, requires IT assistance and the seamless integration of new functions. The larger the enterprise, the greater the challenges and issues at hand. One of the most difficult challenges is balancing People-Process-Technology. Agile implementation in large organizations is more difficult than in small organizations.
In recent blog posts about test generation for mutation testing, I have detailed that mutants introduce small changes into the original model each mimicking a potential software bug. These changes are seeded on a set of mutation operators that are rules applied to the system to […]
Recently I wrote a blog post about mutation testing. That post was a high level overview of what mutation testing is and how mutation analysis can be applied in automatic test generation. This time I was thinking of writing a more hands-on blog post about how […]