Conformiq Model Based methodology makes customer success a priority. We have developed a four-step deployment model to ensure success with Conformiq products.

Successful test automation deployments with 4-step model


Technology Advisory

Conformiq products have a proven track record of delivering significant efficiency gains and cost reductions. Adopting new technology requires careful planning, but can create significant rewards. Our technology advisory services ensure that a customer’s situation and business problems are analyzed and well understood in order to find a solution to meet those needs. We work with our customers to create plans and prepare for successful deployment.

Proof of Concept

Some customers want to invest in Proof of Concept projects to obtain additional information regarding how Conformiq Model Based technology works in practice and to witness its benefits first-hand. These projects are planned with the customer to ensure that the objectives related to the customer’s unique situation are met.




Pilot projects are similar to real deployments, just on smaller a scale. Investing in Pilot projects offers customers valuable insight into how Conformiq products deliver immediate benefits within their organization, and how Conformiq Model Based technology can create even more benefits in the future.

Process Integration

To ensure full benefits, it is important that model based methodology is integrated into an organization’s processes and methods. We have years of experience with integrating Model Based methodology into customer processes, whether it be Agile, Waterfall, or anything else. Conformiq helps customers plan the adoption of Model Based Testing and process integration.

End-to-end integration in Software Development Lifecycle

To go beyond the ordinary and achieve the full benefits that Conformiq products offer, many customers integrate our products with other tools in software development lifecycle. Conformiq 360° Integration offers a range of off-the-shelf enablers to do this. For example, we not only make automated test execution possible, but we also make it smarter with significantly less maintenance work. We help organizations integrate with Application Lifecycle Management systems to automate many tasks related to reporting. This creates many new possibilities, like being able to track the full end-to-end path from requirements, to tests, to test results, and to defects. Learn more about the capabilities of  Conformiq 360° Integration here.

Training Classes

Getting the basics right is important. After having learned the basics at a Conformiq training class, customer can quickly become more productive. Learning the best ways to utilize Model Based methodology, as well as understanding its potential, is an important step in adopting new technology. Training classes are designed and adopted to meet specific customer needs. Please contact us to schedule a class or for any additional information.




Deployment is a critical part of adopting new methodology and utilizing new technology. Conformiq supports customer deployments by providing the insight, help, assistance, and counsel on planning the deployment and the changes once deployment has taken place. An important step in the planning process is establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE), a group of “power users” of Conformiq products, into the organization. A CoE provides practices, integration expertise, support, train-the-trainer, reviews, and skill development.

Competence Development

To get the most out of the new technology, customers can choose to invest in further competence development. Conformiq will help organizations get most out of the Model Based Methodology. We arrange workshops, interactive model reviews, certification and skill assessment programs, and provide technical coaching.



Conformiq Technology Leadership

Conformiq invests heavily in Research and Development in order to be a leader in software technology innovation. We are frequently showcasing new innovations to our customers and helping them achieve even more benefits with Conformiq.

Frequent Success Reviews

To ensure that customers achieve competitive advantage and can take advantage of our latest innovation, we arrange frequent success reviews. In these reviews, we analyze a customer’s situation and ensure that customer maintain success with Conformiq.

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