Grid and
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Scalability and processing powerGRID


  • Conformiq Grid is a companion product that adds to the capabilities of Conformiq Designer and Conformiq Creator.
  • Grid moves the test generation to the cloud, providing more processing power to generate tests. It speeds up the test generation process for complex models.
  • Provides cloud / server installation, distributed processing on-demand, and can be shared based on user demand.
  • Up to 90% more efficient test generation with multiple CPU cores.
  • Single server instance allows for less administrative effort.


Conformiq Quick Start is all about time to value. Conformiq expert consultants help you come up to speed rapidly with the next-generation Conformiq 360° Test Automation to obtain immediate productivity for your testing team. The Quick Start Package includes all the software, installation, training, documentation, and support needed to:


  • Demonstrate the value of Conformiq 360° Test Automation in your environment
  • Apply Conformiq technology to your SDLC framework
  • Gain all the knowledge and experience you will need for full deployment

Complete Solution for Your Pilot Project

The Quick Start Package is a support service, delivered virtually, that includes all the software, planning, installation, SDLC tool integration, training and support you need for your Conformiq 360° Test Automation pilot project. You can purchase it standalone or together with a longer term license.

Project Planning

Conformiq experts work as part of your team to create a comprehensive project plan for your pilot including:

  • Requirements documentation
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Test case documentation, scripts, and reports
  • Project recommendations and the roadmap/schedule to deploy

Installation Support

We provide designated contacts on your team with all of the help needed to have your Conformiq 360° Test Automation environment deployed quickly including:

  • Joint review of the current testing infrastructure
  • Software deployment & validation
  • Training on the new test environment

SDLC Tool Integration

The Quick Start Package includes Conformiq Creator™, Conformiq Transformer™, and integrations with a subset of your SDLC tools. Support is also included for existing frameworks that reuse your existing test assets, e.g. importing Microsoft Visio™ models and HP UFT™ record and playback scenarios.

Knowledge Transfer

World-class experts bring you up to speed and ensure success with your pilot project through:

  • Interactive web based training on Conformiq Creator™ , Conformiq Transformer™, and integrations
  • Installation and roll-out support
  • Model reviews for your own real-world projects
  • Assistance in modeling, managing, automating, and optimizing test cases
  • Specialized integration advice
  • Project reviews including kick off, progress reports, and summary results
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