Conformiq Transformer is a scriptless keyword driven test automation framework that integrates with Creator. It enables the transformation of tests for automated test execution without programming for both new and existing test cases.

When combined with Creator, users get a seamless integrated CI/CD process from integration with ALM and requirements tools, to automated test case design, script generation with validation, and automated test execution with embedded Selenium or user supplied Micro Focus UFT. Used alone, Transformer will convert existing manual test cases directly into automated test execution in these tools.

The Conformiq Transformer Platform


  • Enables scriptless automation of test cases
  • Automates the execution of new and existing tests, improving the productivity of the entire QA organization
  • User integration with additional industry-standard test automation tools for both commercial and open source test execution tools; can generate Selenium automation from test step descriptions
  • Leverages keyword-based test automation system

Why use Conformiq Transformer?


  • Eliminate scripting by automating test execution without programming, for both new and existing test cases
  • Use existing recordings and test cases to automate model creation for Conformiq Creator, combining the benefits of MBT with scriptless test automation
  • Achieve a consistent and repeatable process of automated test case design, executable script creation with validation, automated execution, management, and full test coverage traceability

Benefits of Conformiq’s Next-Generation Testing


  • Automate functional testing with minimal manual involvement
  • Thoroughly test complex systems with a minimum of test cases
  • See generated tests, what they cover, and why they’re needed
  • Gain visibility into what has and has not been tested
  • Integrates with all software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools and processes
  • Leverage existing test assets – test cases, requirements, and prototypes
  • Directly link to automated execution frameworks
  • Eliminate the test automation backlog
  • Optimize regression test suites
  • Gain control, automation, integration and speed across the software testing cycle

Conformiq Software Development Lifecycle Integrations


  • Conformiq Transformer helps integrate the SDLC process, without requiring any changes to popular tools, standards and flows
  • It extends the value of a wide range of industry-standard test automation tools (commercial and open source) for automated test execution

Conformiq 360° Test Automation: A Total Testing Transformation


  • Complete automation of the end-to-end testing process
  • Conformiq Transformer: automating tests for execution
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