Embedded software is used in various industries, from Aerospace and Automotive, to Healthcare and Microprocessors. All use quality-driven development methodologies and tight coupling between hardware and software.

Tame Complexity

Expanding software functionality and an increasing number of sensors and other parts in systems drives increase the complexity of products with embedded software. Conformiq solutions decrease complexity with a modular approach by visualizing functionality in models, which improves communication. Subtle and often unexpected interactions are difficult for humans to design, so in Conformiq solutions, this is done automatically. Conformiq automatically improves test quality and coverage, while optimizing the number of test cases.

Tame complexity
Quality first

When Quality Comes First

Many embedded applications have stringent quality and reliability requirements, especially safety-critical applications. Unmet regulatory requirements and defects that affect hardware-software interfaces found late in the process and can be very expensive. Conformiq model based testing allows organizations to start testing in the specification phase. With Conformiq, model driven workflow defects are caught earlier. Our products are an ideal companion to Test Driven Development. When testing can be started earlier, the product will be ready sooner and at a higher quality.

Adapts to your Platform, Improves Efficiency

Embedded software development environments are often proprietary and customized. Conformiq solutions offer the flexibility to adapt to any framework. Built-in plugins make integration easier and utilize the Eclipse platform. The Confomiq model based testing approach improves the efficiency of test automation and maintenance while shortening development schedules.

Efficiency improvement
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