The role of IT has grown significantly across various business segments. Change has been especially significant in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sectors (BFSI), many Public sector services, and Communication Service Providers, where many IT initiatives are transformational. IT is supporting the core business functions, where the budgets have been increasing as more functions and processes are being transferred online.

Lower IT Costs

Controlling your IT cost is essential regardless of the scope of the service. Conformiq solutions reduce costs in several ways. Conformiq products enable more efficient development through increased automation and integration across Software Development Lifecycle tools. Our solutions catch more defects and detect them earlier, which help organizations avoid costly field failures. Our case studies demonstrate significant cost savings in our customer’s projects.

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Innovate Faster

Conformiq Model Based Testing methodology is an Agile and efficient way of running projects. It’s an ideal companion for Scrum. Conformiq not only automates testing end-to-end, but it does so more efficiently and enables business critical IT services to be developed faster. With Conformiq you stay ahead of the competition. Conformiq Model Based Testing methodology allows organizations to “shift left,” or to start testing in the specification phase, which catches defects earlier. With Conformiq you will be done faster.

Easier Maintenance

Maintaining legacy services and upgrading them to respond to changing business needs can be tricky and costly. Conformiq Model Based Testing Methodology decreases maintenance costs by simplifying maintenance. It supports a modular approach to designing models and visualizes functionality, which makes model changes much easier. Conformiq solutions automate test execution maintenance with the built-in plugins and frameworks offered with our products.

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