Conformiq Agile Testing
Agile techniques can significantly improve IT value delivery by transforming IT-business partnerships. However, value can only be provided when the broader IT management teams create a culture that promotes agile success. For efficient operations, every organisation, large, medium, and small, requires IT assistance and the seamless integration of new functions. The larger the enterprise, the greater the challenges and issues at hand. One of the most difficult challenges is balancing People-Process-Technology. Agile implementation in large organizations is more difficult than in small organizations.
In recent blog posts about test generation for mutation testing, I have detailed that mutants introduce […]
Recently I wrote a blog post about mutation testing. That post was a high level overview […]
Mutants are here!!!
Mutation testing is a software testing method which involves modifying the system code in small changes, […]
OK I admit that this is a bit farfetched. I don’t ever recall a test manager […]
Over the years I have been wondering why folks involved in testing are not more eager […]
Quite often when people talk about MBT (Model Based Testing) they intuitively assume that model is […]
Tech Mahindra – an Indian multinational specialist in digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering solutions across the […]
I would be a very rich man if I would get paid a dime every time […]