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In late October, ETSI organized for the first time a user conference for advanced automated testing – UCAAT for short. This conference is, on contrary to many other academic conferences and workshops on automated testing, dedicated to the practical engineering and application aspects of automated testing including model-based testing, test methodologies, test management and use…
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First Model-Based Testing User Conference Deemed a Success
The first ever model-based testing user conference was held in Berlin in late October, sponsored among others by ETSI (www.etsi.org). See this short conference report for some interesting comments, including some interesting quotes. According to the original post, a person from Nokia Siemens Networks commented that Our deployment results prove that Model Based Testing (MBT)…
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ETSI Model-Based Testing User Conference Draws Near
The first international model-based testing user conference, organized this year by ETSI in Berlin, Germany, draws near. The conference is co-chaired by Wolfgang Griegskamp, the father of SpecExplorer who recently moved from Microsoft to Google, and Stephan Schulz, CTO of Conformiq and the chair for testing and specification methodologies committee within ETSI. The three-day event…
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