Automate your Test Design with AI

Automatically generate optimized and executable test cases and quickly achieve in-sprint test automation for every
required variable. Conformiq Creator is an AI-powered model-based testing tool designed to speed up your agile development cycles.


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Speed up your Agile Development Cycles

Automatically Create Test Cases with AI


Conformiq Creator is a test automation software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate optimized and executable
test cases. It is a model-based testing tool designed to speed up agile development cycles by automatically creating test
cases and enabling in-sprint test automation. Conformiq Creator aims to reduce the time and resources required for
manual test case creation, and to maximize test coverage by intelligently generating comprehensive test cases.

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Automate your Test Design and Watch your Productivity Soar

Experience streamlined test design and speed up your software development cycles with a revolutionary solution
automating the generation of optimized, executable test cases and scripts for your applications under test.

• Minimal human intervention needed | No programming experience required

• Easy CI/CD pipeline integration with standard test automation platforms

• Fully customizable test coverage: from specific targets to complete coverage

• Collaborative test automation: ideal for agile teams, QA and DevOps

Get the Job Done without Breaking a Sweat, Quickly and Easily!

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“Integration with other tools is one of Creator’s and Transformer’s biggest selling points. This doesn’t end with requirements, either: the array of tools which Creator and Transformer can integrate with is, frankly, very impressive. The result is very comprehensive – indeed, this is a general strength of Conformiq – and implementing it in stages makes the creation of your model simpler than would otherwise be the case”.
Leading Industry Analyst

UK based independent research and analyst house

“We have been using Conformiq Creator for the past four years and six months and very happy with the team’s knowledge. Though optimized and automated test generation is the core functionality, the product’s integration with other tools sets it apart. With proper integration to the automation framework, we were able to achieve in-release automation.”
QE Manager


“On the surface, many features that are shown in a demo look similar but, in digging deeper, the core difference is huge. The ability to comprehensively test real world applications and the efficiency gain differences are hugely different. While others tools do this manually, Conformiq automatically generates the optimized test cases including both data and business logic, expected test results, automated test scripts, traceability, graphical coverage, and customized reports.”
Senior Test Manager

Multi-National Logistics Company

The Ultimate Test Design Automation Solution



time-to-market high-quality products. Speed up your software products availability



time-to-market high-quality products. Speed up your software products availability



test case development cycle for better deliverability. Automate more processes and flows



team collaboration for rationalized operations.Enhance collaboration between departments

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