Conformiq Automated Software Testing Technology

Full-Stack Testing Automation for your Entire SDLC

Since the inception of its Automatic Test Design™ technology and solutions in 2003, ConformIQ has constantly been pushing its technology forward to make model-based testing applicable to an ever-growing set of industrial-scale software test design challenges. We have taken a unique approach to software testing automation with model-based testing technologies to enable full-stack testing automation across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC).


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Cutting-Edge Technology for
Intelligent Test Automation

ConformIQ Intelligent Test Automation™ (CITA) solutions are built to automate the entire software testing process, from design to scripts, test case generation, and test execution, with minimal manual intervention. Powered and driven by cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), ConformIQ tools allow auto-generated data, executable scripts, validations, and, ultimately, enhance traceability.

Run Tests Faster with Less Human Intervention

Our solutions adapt rapidly to new product requirements, eliminating time spent on manually building test cases, executing tests, and maintaining scenarios in short sprints. Testers can now reduce human intervention by removing the hassle of automated tests’ backlog and taking control of automation, integration, and speed throughout the entire SDLC.

The Easy Way to Build and Maintain Testing Automation

CITA solutions seamlessly integrate with all the leading test automation and Requirement Management tools to enable E2E automation, from requirements to test execution, unique automatic generation of data, runnable scripts, validations, and tracking. As a result, ConformIQ technology helps companies make software testing automation cheaper, faster, and more accessible through CITA.

Some of the ConformIQ Technology Highlights

ConformIQ technology allows, among other things, to:

• Update tests automatically as specifications change
• Upload tests automatically and seamlessly connect them with standard Test Management tools
• Use and re-use prototypes for requirements-accurate verification and tests across the entire SDLC
• Export test documentation to business analysts and other team members
• Upload documentation to the test management tools automatically
• Leverage tests and scripts to execute tests
• Execute tests against an actual software application or system under test (SUT)

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ConformIQ Technology

This section highlights how ConformIQ’s Automatic Test Design uses the latest cutting-edge technology. Feel free to contact us to learn more or visit our Resources section.

What is ConformIQ Automated Test Design?

At the core of ConformIQ’s test generation technology, you will find unique semantics-driven, symbolic-execution-based test generation algorithms. Our test generation algorithms search the part of the state space for testing goals. The number of testing goals in a model depends on the testing heuristics the user selects.

The algorithms construct tests from the explored part of the state space by selecting paths that lead to testing goals, then converting those paths into tests. Every input on an execution path – to the system model – becomes a test stimulus – to be sent to the final system. Every output of an execution path becomes an expected output – to be verified during the test execution. It is how the Conformiq tools automatically “think of” and design test cases.

ConformIQ Technology Leverages Artificial Intelligence

ConformIQ applies numerous AI techniques, including Natural Language Processing (NLP), for automatic model creation. Conformiq can “reverse engineer” a formal model from existing test assets such as manually written test cases. This Reverse Engineering approach has been incorporated into the new CITA (ConformIQ Intelligent Test Automation) capability. CITA is being inserted into scripters to enable user-driven learning to simplify significantly the linkage needed between generated test stimuli (executable scripts) and the physical objects (buttons, pop-ups, fill forms, etc.) they activate during automated test execution. Further uses leveraging CITA technology are in development.

ConformIQ Technology Facilitates Continuous Integration

A tool like Creator enables organizations to advance and accelerate continuous testing by providing extensive integrations with user requirements, story tools, and legacy automated test execution tools. The key is Creator’s unique capability to close the gap between tools by importing the users’ requirements and using them to automatically generate executable test scripts and validations directly using automated test execution platforms. This unique capability means no big manual step is needed to write test scripts and think of the test validations that can ruin continuous integration efforts. Creator’s end-to-end automation means there are no manual steps that would limit or slow continuous testing.

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Technology Use

ConformIQ Technology for Enterprise Applications

ConformIQ supports testing enterprise applications out-of-the-box and custom frameworks to automate functional test data. The utilization of ConformIQ allows users to create packaged application models and automatically generate tests. Some enterprise and packaged applications that users and service partners have tested include SAP, Oracle FlexCube, Temenos, Guidewire, and Avaloq.

ConformIQ Technology for Mobile Applications

ConformIQ user interaction libraries include typical mobile actions such as pinch and swipe to make modeling more straightforward and faster. Further, users can create their custom library elements to capture additional operations. The execution would be through interfaces with testing tools, including Mobile Test Center from Micro Focus and Appium.

ConformIQ Technology and Test Data

ConformIQ-generated tests are all data-driven. ConformIQ has the unique capability to automatically include the test data needed for generated test cases by deriving it directly from the model. It means testers don’t need to spend significant time waiting to be told what data to include in their test cases. ConformIQ tools will do that automatically. Users can still enter data values to be used or include variables as data placeholders. If desired, testers can use externalized data, i.e., data outside of the generated test cases, such as production data from TDM tools for execution to replace the current or previously used data. It gives total flexibility to both the Conformiq users and the test execution teams.

Conformiq Technology for Custom Framework

ConformIQ’s unique tool architecture includes open APIs surrounding the core test design engine. This access allows ConformIQ and the end-users to create and enhance their custom interfaces for increased end-to-end testing flexibility. CITA simplifies the ability to integrate tightly with proprietary customer platforms and platforms from testing service provider companies resulting in improved efficiencies.

ConformIQ Technology and Mainframe Automation

ConformIQ supports test automation of mainframe applications, including testing with desktop user interface operations. Models are created from mainframe operations as custom library actions. Scripts for test automation are generated in the proper code needed for execution which might include multiple types of code for testing both the mainframe and the devices attached to it. 3270 type screen operations would use an emulator.

ConformIQ’s new AI-based technology provides dedicated support for alternative mappings of actions based on their target interface type (web versus mainframe, etc.). In addition to modeling mainframe actions, ConformIQ supports integration testing with other types of interactions (API, mobile, etc.).

ConformIQ Technology

ConformIQ Technology and Programming Languages

ConformIQ generates test scripts in the language, format, and syntax needed for direct execution in the user’s framework(s) of choice. The ability to match the exact input needs of execution tools, especially those customized by adding keywords and libraries, means that applications written with almost any language can be tested so long as the execution tools used can run against that language. Thus, ConformIQ can test the variety of technologies used across large enterprises.

ConformIQ Technology Works Cross-Platform

Since its inception, ConformIQ technology has been available for Windows and standard Linux distributions. ConformIQ is compatible with all Windows operating systems released during the past several years.

ConformIQ Technology Works Cross-Browser

ConformIQ supports all major mobile and non-mobile browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.) as a test target by supporting the capabilities of the test execution platform. For example, multiple browsers can be executed in parallel when you use Transformer with Selenium.


Other ConformIQ
Technology Features

ConformIQ Technology Facilitates Continuous Integration

For test generation challenges – for instance, when tests are computationally complex and can take a long time to process – ConformIQ uses a unique client-server architecture. It allows the execution of tremendous models requiring more computation power than available on a user’s local computer and must be executed with a more powerful computation engine like, for example, a blade server or multiple PC nodes in a private or public cloud environment.

ConformIQ Technology and Multi-Core Support

Very large or complex models can take significant time to design the optimized test cases on a single-core PC. ConformIQ’s unique multi-core architecture for the mathematics of test generation allows users to split test generation tasks across all local computation cores and speed up the test generation process. The process is entirely deterministic.

ConformIQ Technology and Multi-Component Modeling

ConformIQ models can have multiple asynchronous components and allow for communications between those components within the model. The predicted internal communications can be reviewed in our tools and verified during the test execution. It enables the simultaneous testing of multiple types of technology like a user interface operating on a desktop with APIs and implementation or data on a mainframe.

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