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intelligent software tests

We help you improve testing efficiency, reduce related costs, and achieve higher software quality with the most advanced AI test automation and automated functional test design technology. Our software testing automation suite creates a visual link between the software requirement and the system under test, automatically generating automated scripts for execution in your software environment with minimum human intervention.

Test Case Management

The Conformiq products ensure that your test case generation is linked and aligned with your test coverage requirements as development progresses. They generate new test cases automatically, avoiding lengthy manual updates.

Test Automation

To jumpstart the test design process, ConformIQ leverages Smart AI to automatically scope and create system models for optimized test cases and hence generating automated scripts for seamless execution.

Optimized Testing environments

The Conformiq platform allows DevOps and QA teams to optimize testing environments, integrating with existing tools while utilizing and optimizing test cases already in use and enabling omnichannel testing for greater productivity.


AI-Driven test automation

Using AI to automate the testing process, ConformIQ has designed a system to automatically scope and create optimized test cases while generating scripts for automated execution from models and manual tests.

Streamlined Test Case Management

AI-Driven test automation

The ConformIQ products ensure that your test cases generation is linked and aligned with your test coverage requirements as development progresses. They generate new test cases automatically, avoiding lengthy manual updates.

Optimized Testing environments

Optimized Testing environments

The ConformIQ platform allows DevOps and QA teams to optimize testing environments, integrating with existing tools while utilizing and optimizing test cases already in use and enabling omnichannel testing for greater productivity.

Taking automated software
testing to the next level

With ConformIQ’s AI-powered software testing solutions seamlessly integrated into the complex and customized testing environments, automatic software testing automation has never been more efficient and profitable. We empower DevOps and QA teams with the most comprehensive and AI powered test design solutions in the market, optimizing testing frameworks for flawless software product delivery while streamlining continuous testing, integration, and deployment.

and Compatibility

Start implementing our best-in-class, flexible, and easy-to-use test automation solutions today: they easily integrate into your legacy systems and work flawlessly in multiple environments. They have been conceived for professional organizations of all sizes, focusing on stage-specific testing or managing the whole software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Deployment throughout
any Agile SDLC

Designed to scale seamlessly, our testing procedures are perfect for all agile software testing projects. They can be deployed throughout the SDLC or at particular moments, ranging from preliminary requirements to the automation process setup and implementation, making them invaluable for lean SDLC management.

Improved DevOps
and QA Team Performance

Our solutions augment easier collaboration between multiple teams and help achieve 100% test coverage to monitor the quality of testing. It allows the creation of reliable & optimized tests covering all requirements. Our services include strategic guidance to facilitate, improve, and speed up the work of DevOps and QA teams for you to get the highest ROI in the industry.

Dramatically Reduced
Assurance Costs

We ensure test maintenance and optimization throughout the entire STLC, allowing your QA team to maximize the return on their testing effort while ensuring the process is as straightforward as possible and continuously reliable to produce accurate long-term results. You will reduce costs significantly by getting to issues before they become critical.

Highly Customized Test
Automation Solution

We deliver a highly sophisticated and customizable test automation solution that integrates from requirements to execution, ensuring proper implementation of testing and avoiding unforeseen defects while preventing delays and risks. Our advanced solution designs the tests to run smoothly without any complications.

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flagship solutions


ConformIQ provides the most advanced tools for a complete automated testing suite. Our products combine algorithmic design to transform assets like manual tests, test recordings, or requirements into comprehensive test cases and test optimization while automatically generating scripts for automated execution. Our engine uses multiple processors to allow complete coverage automatically. No other test design solution in the market can deliver such cutting-edge capabilities.


ConformIQ Designer enables the automatic generation of test cases for end-to-end test automation. It has been designed for complex systems with high software quality requirements and sophisticated procedures.


ConformIQ Creator enables automatic generation of test cases in an agile environment to accelerate in-sprint test automation. This product was developed for high re-usability when designs change, ensuring faster testing turnaround to shorten time-to-market.


ConformIQ Visualizer is a BDD tool used for creation gherkin feature files that automatically generate visual models. Integrated with JIRA, Visualizer is a vital tool in the Atlassian ecosystem supporting collaboration and Automation.


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AI-powered features:

Create and update automatic scripts for automated test execution systems.

Automatically optimize tests for faster test execution and improved coverage.

Jump-start modelling by importing software design & architecture documents (BPMN, flow charts, WSDL/XSD files).

Create and update test documentation automatically for ALM or TMS.

Extend industry-standard test automation tools, including current and open-source test execution tools.

Automate the implementation of new & existing tests and transform manual tests into automatic, executable tests.


Gain robust insight into your software performance

Our smart integrated testing automation solutions allow you to streamline and boost your CI/CD pipelines while triggering effective frameworks to quicken time-to-market.

  • Automatically update scripts when changes occur

  • Eliminate the need to write test scripts manually

  • Spend less time testing

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Software testing solutions
fit to bust



time-to-market high-quality products. Speed up your software products availability



issues and defects. Consistently release thoroughly tested, high-quality products



test case development cycle for better deliverability. Automate more processes and flows



team collaboration for rationalized operations.Enhance collaboration between departments



cost reductions with augmented test flows

What our clients
say about us


Matt Wynne


I’m really impressed with Conformiq Visualizer so far. Model-based testing with Gherkin scenarios is a really interesting innovation, and surfacing it inside Jira will make it accessible to just the people who need it. Cucumber users have been asking us for years to add let them add scenario outlines in spreadsheets, and now here’s a tool that will let them do exactly that. I know the team has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of BDD, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the product evolves further.

Avatar for Co-founder of
Co-founder of

Senior Test Manager


“On the surface, many features that are shown in a demo look similar but, in digging deeper, the core difference is huge. The ability to comprehensively test real world applications and the efficiency gain differences are hugely different. While others tools do this manually, Conformiq automatically generates the optimized test cases including both data and business logic, expected test results, automated test scripts, traceability, graphical coverage, and customized reports.”

Avatar for Multi-National Logistics Company
Multi-National Logistics Company

QE Manager


“We have been using Conformiq Creator for the past four years and six months and very happy with the team’s knowledge. Though optimized and automated test generation is the core functionality, the product’s integration with other tools sets it apart. With proper integration to the automation framework, we were able to achieve in-release automation.”

Avatar for Capgemini

Director of QA


“Thanks to Conformiq for their support during our new project where our team was building some of the most complex models our development team has ever seen. Current models generated as many as 26,000 test targets to cover and optimize. Driven by their advanced leading edge, we were able to achieve 92% test automation, $8 mn automation savings and zero production defects. We are pleased to continue to work together to achieve improved test generation efficiencies through better and advanced capabilities.”

Avatar for A Large Canadian Bank
A Large Canadian Bank

Leading Analyst


“This full automation is at the heart of Conformiq’s proposition: that you should never have to fall back on manual coding. As far as we know, the company’s product suite is unique in providing this capability: it generates executable test scripts, test validations, and test data directly from the model of the system under test. Conformiq Creator generates tests scripts that are ready for automated execution without manual intervention and if desired Conformiq Transformer automates the link to the execution tool. This comprehensive end to end automation enables major efficiency gains over traditional manual testing methods and test execution tools which lack the capability to automatically generate optimized test cases.”

Avatar for Bloor Research
Bloor Research

Technical Architect


“I have been using Creator for past 6 years and evaluated multiple products before zeroing in on Conformiq. Conformiq integrates well with various automation tools and auto-generates between 60% and 80% of the automation scripts. This feature has helped us to improve automation coverage and enabled us to run regression tests repetitively. Conformiq provides easy maintenance for change requests. The tool will generate auto-generate impact analysis data, which can be carried to test automation as well, easing efforts for automation script maintenance. This product has the ability to integrate with various test management tools and version control tools.”

Avatar for Hexaware Technologies Limited
Hexaware Technologies Limited

Leading Industry Analyst


“Integration with other tools is one of Creator’s and Transformer’s biggest selling points. This doesn’t end with requirements, either: the array of tools which Creator and Transformer can integrate with is, frankly, very impressive. The result is very comprehensive – indeed, this is a general strength of Conformiq – and implementing it in stages makes the creation of your model simpler than would otherwise be the case”.

Avatar for UK based independent research and analyst house
UK based independent research and analyst house

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence

“Artificial Intelligence is the new wave transforming the testing landscape.

ConformIQ proposes model-based testing solutions and AI-powered products to automate the design of functional tests regardless of the complexity level of your products, systems, and environments. Simply put, we take the guesswork out of your testing workflows and data monitoring by using AI to generate high-performance tests designed just for you.

Our broad range of solutions can satisfy demanding DevOps and QA teams. Our proprietary AI algorithms automatically create ready-to-run tests and help maintain them based on their knowledge of your software. You no longer have to hunt through ancient trial-and-error scenarios or rely solely upon pre-written manual tests that may not work in all situations.