Transform Your BDD Workflow with Conformiq Visualizer

Unlock the Full Potential of Behavior-Driven Development

Conformiq Visualizer revolutionizes the way businesses, developers, and testers collaborate, leveraging the power of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) to align development efforts with business requirements and user needs. By facilitating communication and collaboration across teams, BDD ensures that all development activities are directly linked to delivering real value to users.



Why Embrace BDD

  • Enhanced Collaboration Across Teams: BDD fosters a shared understanding among all team members, bridging the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders and leading to more effective collaboration.
  • Improved Quality and Reduced Bugs: Early definition of expected behaviors allows for focused testing, aligning outputs with user expectations and reducing post-launch issues.
  • Streamlined Development Process: BDD prioritizes features that deliver real value, eliminating unnecessary efforts and accelerating time to market.

A Vital Tool in the Atlassian Ecosystem

Conformiq Visualizer is a key component of the Atlassian ecosystem, offering seamless integration with tools like Jira to provide a cohesive and efficient workflow. This integration ensures that teams can leverage the full power of BDD within a familiar platform, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

Experience Graphical Gherkin for BDD


Intuitive Visual Design for Effective BDD Implementation

Key Features:

  • Simplified BDD Processes: Convert complex business requirements into clear Gherkin scenarios with an intuitive visual interface.
  • Real-Time Synchronization: Maintain team alignment with synchronized visuals, ensuring everyone is updated on project progress.
  • Comprehensive Testing and Integration: Enhance collaboration with integrated testing applications and diverse export options, fully supported within the Atlassian ecosystem
The Industry’s Most Advanced Test Visualization

Data Integration & CI/CD Readiness for Agile BDD Workflows


Conformiq Visualizer brings your development process to the next level within the Atlassian framework, offering:

  • Centralized Data Management: Import and create data effortlessly. Our platform ensures your data is automatically updated and consistent everywhere it’s used, making life easier for your team.
  • Seamless CI/CD Integration: Speed up your release cycles. With easy integration into CI/CD pipelines, we help you automate and streamline your workflows, focusing on delivering quality software faster.
  • Agile & Efficient: Designed for agility, our tool fits perfectly with your BDD workflows, making sure you stay ahead in the fast-paced world of software development.


Elevate Your BDD Strategy
with Automation & Collaboration?

From Gherkin to Visual Models Enhancing Understanding

Seamlessly transition between Gherkin and visual models to foster understanding and collaboration, utilizing the strengths of the Atlassian ecosystem for unified project development and testing.

Streamlined Integration with Git and Cucumber

Conformiq Visualizer’s integration with Git platforms and Cucumber within the Atlassian ecosystem supports a cohesive development and testing environment, enhancing productivity and ensuring project success

Simplify Test Data Management for Comprehensive Coverage

Our user-friendly interface ensures efficient test data management, aligning testing with project requirements and maximizing test coverage.

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Atlassian Projects

Direct integration into Jira and the broader Atlassian ecosystem ensures that Conformiq Visualizer enhances your workflow, aligning BDD practices with project management for optimal collaboration and efficiency.

Start today and experience BDD with Conformiq Visualizer Available today on Atlassian!

Matt Wynne

Rated 4.0 out of 5

I’m really impressed with Conformiq Visualizer so far. Model-based testing with Gherkin scenarios is a really interesting innovation, and surfacing it inside Jira will make it accessible to just the people who need it. Cucumber users have been asking us for years to add let them add scenario outlines in spreadsheets, and now here’s a tool that will let them do exactly that. I know the team has a solid understanding of the fundamentals of BDD, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the product evolves further.

Avatar for Co-founder of
Co-founder of

Senior Test Manager

Rated 5.0 out of 5

“On the surface, many features that are shown in a demo look similar but, in digging deeper, the core difference is huge. The ability to comprehensively test real world applications and the efficiency gain differences are hugely different. While others tools do this manually, Conformiq automatically generates the optimized test cases including both data and business logic, expected test results, automated test scripts, traceability, graphical coverage, and customized reports.”

Avatar for Multi-National Logistics Company
Multi-National Logistics Company

QE Manager

Rated 5.0 out of 5

“We have been using Conformiq Creator for the past four years and six months and very happy with the team’s knowledge. Though optimized and automated test generation is the core functionality, the product’s integration with other tools sets it apart. With proper integration to the automation framework, we were able to achieve in-release automation.”

Avatar for Capgemini

Director of QA

Rated 5.0 out of 5

“Thanks to Conformiq for their support during our new project where our team was building some of the most complex models our development team has ever seen. Current models generated as many as 26,000 test targets to cover and optimize. Driven by their advanced leading edge, we were able to achieve 92% test automation, $8 mn automation savings and zero production defects. We are pleased to continue to work together to achieve improved test generation efficiencies through better and advanced capabilities.”

Avatar for A Large Canadian Bank
A Large Canadian Bank

Leading Analyst

Rated 4.0 out of 5

“This full automation is at the heart of Conformiq’s proposition: that you should never have to fall back on manual coding. As far as we know, the company’s product suite is unique in providing this capability: it generates executable test scripts, test validations, and test data directly from the model of the system under test. Conformiq Creator generates tests scripts that are ready for automated execution without manual intervention and if desired Conformiq Transformer automates the link to the execution tool. This comprehensive end to end automation enables major efficiency gains over traditional manual testing methods and test execution tools which lack the capability to automatically generate optimized test cases.”

Avatar for Bloor Research
Bloor Research

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How does Conformiq fit into the Atlassian tools we already use?

Conformiq connects right into Jira. This makes it easy to collaborate, manage projects, and do BDD workflow in the systems we’re already familiar with.  So your teams can work faster and be more productive without a lot of new training and

Can Conformiq simplify the way we're doing BDD?

Definitely.  Conformiq gives you a nice visual interface to turn business needs into Gherkin scenarios, which is really helpful.  And with real-time syncing everyone is always on the same page, which speeds up development.

What makes Conformiq special in terms of handling test data and scenarios?

Two big things – first, you can drag and drop to manage test data from a dedicated data bank, which is so much easier.  And it lets you switch between Gherkin and visual models seamlessly.  That makes it easier to understand what’s being tested and collaborate more smoothly so we get more comprehensive coverage.

How does Conformiq support CI/CD and test automation?

Its built to integrate with CI/CD platforms and tools like Git right out of the box.  You can generate Cucumber tests directly too.  So it really accelerates release cycles and lets teams build efficient automated testing into pipelines easily.

How many users can work simultaneously on a project in Conformiq Visualizer?

Conformiq Visualizer is designed to support teams of 10 users or more working simultaneously on a project. The actual number can vary based on your subscription plan.

Is Conformiq a good fit for teams just starting with BDD?

Yes, Conformiq Visualizer is an excellent solution for teams new to BDD due to its highly intuitive interface and robust feature set purpose-built to facilitate simple adoption of BDD principles.  The tool makes it easy to create Gherkin scenarios and/or models with no prior BDD experience required. 

Conformiq Visualizer is an user-friendly and integrated tool that makes behavioral-driven development (BDD) methodologies accessible for teams at all levels.  Its visual interface and seamless connectivity with Atlassian products provide a clear path for adopting BDD.

How can Conformiq Visualizer make it easier to automate tests with CucumberJS?

Conformiq Visualizer really speeds up testing automation with CucumberJS.  It lets you quickly build visual models of your test scenarios right in the tool.  Then with one click it takes those visual test cases and transforms them into runnable CucumberJS scripts.  Bringing the visual modeling and script generation together means teams can go from ideas to automated tests faster.  No context switching between tools. 

So in a nutshell, Conformiq Visualizer + CucumberJS powers rapid test creation and automation.  Companies who need frequent releases love it for accelerating their dev cycles without compromising on quality.