Designer, Automated Test Design for Embedded Systems

Advanced Test Case Generation for Embedded Systems


Automatically Generate Sophisticated Test Cases with Model-Based Testing

What if you could generate sophisticated test cases for the most complex systems while covering every possible input using simple languages like Java and UML? That’s what model-based testing (MBT) with Designer does. Designer is one of the best automated test design tools and uses the most advanced MBT methods for highly complex systems. Our next-generation solution can model the application under test underlying your systems’ functionality from the requirements.


Designer capitalizes on user-selected test design heuristics and utilizes algorithms that automatically generate the optimized test cases and all the necessary test data and timers to cover the selected requirements, create test steps, documentation, and executable test scripts. ConformIQ Designer can also generate Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC), providing a much more decisive coverage criterion than the traditional Condition/Decision coverage!

Eliminate Manual Tasks

ConformIQ Designer is the perfect solution for component testing, complex computation, logic, collision cases, mutation, and testing systems with timing-critical dependencies. Therefore, many systems can benefit from the Designer’s functionality. 

  • Embedded software with rigorous quality requirements
  • Standardized methods requiring strict regulatory compliance
  • Safety-critical systems (transport, medicine, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Long-lived systems that must remain reliable within dynamic environments
  • Systems involving military-grade security requirements (defense, finance, etc.)
  • Systems requiring complex and intricate mathematic and arithmetic calculations

The Most Efficient Way to Create Custom Functional Tests

Designer is a cutting-edge solution that automates the test design process for functional black-box test design. Taking the guesswork out of test design, it is the most technically capable test case generator for embedded software, R&D projects, and complex applications involving parallel processing, timers, and arithmetic with a more reliable MC/DC coverage criterion.

It is highly recommended and particularly efficient for systems with stringent quality and security requirements, including life-critical applications that perform one or more safety functions, communications network equipment, and much more.

Accurate, Reliable Tests

Designer allows the description of complex system behavior more quickly and efficiently without limitation. It enables users to visualize behaviors and models and organize the most complex systems into modules and submodules, which are crucial to enhancing internal communications and maintenance. Designer’s intelligent test generation algorithms allow you to create accurate, reliable tests no matter how complicated your system is – or becomes. It means less time spent fixing bugs or improving efficiency with every change made throughout development cycles.

Create Custom Representations of Embedded Systems

Harnessing the limitless capabilities of its advanced algorithms to model complex systems, Designer is the most flexible, customizable, and scalable all-purpose tool for developers who want the freedom to create tailored-modeling frameworks or import standard diagrams from third-party solutions. Besides, ConformIQ Designer offers built-in plugins facilitating the integration with any test execution framework.

Need bespoke framework support?

Easily Visualize Embedded Systems for Faster Development

Designer allows you to describe and visualize your complex systems’ behavior more thoroughly and efficiently, which is crucial to enhancing internal communications and maintenance. Designer’s intelligent test generation algorithms enable the creation of accurate and reliable tests no matter how complicated your systems get. It means less time spent fixing bugs or improving efficiency with every change made throughout development cycles. Designer has been developed to optimize the test sets and compact them to be executed faster than ever.

Accelerate Software Security, Delivery, and Quality

ConformIQ Designer is the solution that enables you to create an accurate visualization of your system and test out different ideas. With no trouble, you can also import data from existing tools like IBM RSA and Rhapsody, Enterprise Architect, Magic Draw, and Papyrus – saving time on building these yourself when they don’t work immediately (or ever). Designer interfaces with your requirements and test management tools, including Rally, HP QC/UFT, Microsoft, and IBM DOORS.

Why Choose
ConformIQ Designer?

You can speed up test management by generating executable scripts automatically with ConformIQ Designer. The generated data is converted into human-readable formats such as Excel and HTML. It enables the seamless integration of your tests into your existing frameworks without manual effort from your engineers or anyone expert involved in the development.

Designer offers a range of plugins to automate your project’s tests and generate executable source code and documentation in different languages. With one click, you can create an automatic mapping file linking scripts with test framework libraries that will stay updated as model changes are made through integration or execution settings without manual updates.

ConformIQ proposes tailored integration solutions and creates on-demand plugins for developers who need to go further in their testing processes. In addition, we work closely with you to support the development of customized integration frameworks!


Use Case:
Applied MBT in the Telecom Industry

Ericsson, a leader in delivering 5G technology and other ICT for telecom service providers worldwide, has recently applied the MBT methodology to test a system under development using SCRUM. Using this agile approach, they managed to model their new telecommunications application’s O&M interfaces (man-machine communication). ConformIQ provided them with the Designer technology to design models and generate test cases out of those models.

The model design was UML-based, complemented by Java-like code. The black box testing approach was to ensure that the models could accurately and reliably describe sequences of incoming and outgoing messages to and from the system being modeled. Using the Designer technology allowed an optimal allocation of resources enabling engineers to manage better the time spent developing software versus the costs incurred for development efforts.

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