Deployment of Conformiq Solutions & Tools Made Easy

An Innovative Four-Step Deployment Model


ConformIQ’s model-based approach leverages the industry’s most sophisticated, integrated automated test design solutions, powered by a unique, cutting-edge technology that dramatically lowers the test design and execution efforts while boosting the quality of tests. Making customer satisfaction a priority, we have created AETE™, an innovative four-step deployment model to ensure total success for the users of ConformIQ solutions and tools regardless of their requirements. We have also developed two highly efficient solutions for quick, smooth, and seamless intra-organization deployment: ConformIQ Grid™ and ConformIQ Quick Start™.


ConformIQ’s Deployment Model, AETE, includes four distinct steps:


• Assessment
• Enablement
• Transformation
• Excellence


Don’t know where to start with deploying ConformIQ’s test automation solutions?


ConformIQ Deployment:
The Assessment Stage

Technology Advisory at your Project’s Early Stages

ConformIQ solutions and tools have a proven track record of delivering significant efficiency gains and cost reductions. Adopting new technology requires careful planning but can create significant rewards. Our technology advisory services ensure that a customer’s situation and business problems are analyzed and well understood to find a solution to meet those needs. We work with our customers to create plans and prepare for successful deployment.

Ensure Feasibility with our Proof-of-Concept Approach

Our proof-of-concept approach involves testing a particular assumption to confirm that your project is feasible, viable, and applicable in practice. In other words, it shows whether your software product or its separate function is suitable for solving a particular business problem. We help our customers see how ConformIQ’s model-based technology works in practice for them and witness its benefits first-hand. Proof-of-concept projects are thus planned with our clients to ensure that their unique objectives are met.

ConformIQ Deployment:
The Enablement Stage

Supporting Model-Based Testing Adoption & Process Integration

To ensure success, the model-based methodology must be integrated into an organization’s processes and methods (Agile, Waterfall, and others). We have years of experience integrating the model-based methodology into our customers’ processes. Our teams help them thoroughly prepare and plan for model-based testing adoption and process integration.

Envision your Project’s Outcomes with Pilot Projects

Pilot projects are like real deployments, just on a smaller scale. Investing in Pilot projects offers customers valuable insight into how ConformIQ products deliver immediate benefits within their organization and how the ConformIQ model-based technology can create even more benefits in the future.

End-to-end Integration with your SDLC

To take advantage of all the benefits ConformIQ products offer, many customers integrate our solutions with other software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools. ConformIQ 360° Integration proposes a range of off-the-shelf enablers to do this. For example, we not only enable automated test execution, but we also make it smarter with significantly less maintenance work. We help organizations integrate with Application Lifecycle Management systems to automate many reporting-related tasks. This integration opens many new possibilities, like tracking the full end-to-end path from requirements to tests, test results, and defects.

Learning Best Practices with ConformIQ’s Training Classes

Getting the basics right is essential. After learning the basics at a ConformIQ training class, customers can quickly become more productive. Discovering the best ways to utilize our model-based testing methodology and understanding its potential is essential in adopting new technology. Training classes are designed and adapted to meet specific customer needs. Please contact us to schedule a class or for any additional information.

ConformIQ Deployment:
The Transformation Stage

Establishing Centers of
Excellence to Facilitate Deployment

Deployment is critical to adopting a new methodology and utilizing a new technology. ConformIQ supports customers’ deployments by providing insight, help, assistance, and counsel on preparing and planning such a deployment while anticipating the challenges, risks, and benefits caused by deployment-induced changes. A critical step in our planning process is establishing Centers of Excellence (CoE) within client organizations. A CoE is a group of “power users” of ConformIQ solutions and tools delivering invaluable knowledge resources: insights, best practices, integration expertise, support, train-the-trainer courses, implementation reviews, and skills development sessions.

Make the Most of Your Investment with
Competence Development

Some of our customers decide to invest in further competence development to get the most out of ConformIQ’s model-based testing tools and solutions. We help them capitalize on the model-based testing methodology through learning opportunities like workshops, interactive model reviews, certifications, and skills assessment programs while providing technical coaching.

ConformIQ Deployment:
The Excellence Stage

ConformIQ’s Technology
Leadership is an Asset

ConformIQ invests heavily in Research and Development to be a leader in software technology innovation. We frequently showcase the latest innovations to our customers and help them achieve even more benefits with ConformIQ.

ConformIQ Performs
Frequent Success Reviews

We organize frequent success reviews to ensure that our customers gain a genuine competitive advantage and take advantage of our latest innovation. In these reviews, we analyze some of our customers’ situations and thoroughly describe how they have increased productivity or reduced costs while maintaining a competitive edge thanks to the different ConformIQ solutions and tools.

Ready to ensure a successful deployment of ConformIQ solutions but not sure which of our AETE deployment model stages best suits your needs?

Don’t wait! There’s always a ConformIQ solution or tool that can meet your requirements.

Scalability and processing PowerGrid

ConformIQ Grid:
Enhance ConformIQ Tools Capabilities

  • ConformIQ Grid is a companion solution that adds to the capabilities of ConformIQ Designer and ConformIQ Creator
  • Grid moves the test generation to the cloud, providing more processing power to generate tests. It speeds up the test generation process for complex models.
  • Provides cloud/server installation, distributed processing on-demand, and can be shared based on user demand
  • Up to 90% more efficient test generation with multiple CPU cores
  • Single server instance allows for less administrative effort

ConformIQ Quick Start:
Get the Full Deployment Package

ConformIQ Quick Start is all about time to value. ConformIQ expert consultants help you come up to speed rapidly with the next-generation ConformIQ 360° Test Automation to obtain immediate productivity for your testing team. The Quick Start Deployment Package includes all the software, installation, training, documentation, and support needed to:

• Demonstrate the value of ConformIQ 360° Test Automation in your environment
• Apply ConformIQ technology to your SDLC framework
• Gain all the knowledge and experience you will need for full deployment

A Complete Solution for Your Pilot Project

ConformIQ Quick Start Package includes ConformIQ Creator, Conformiq Transformer, and integrations with a subset of your SDLC tools. Support is also included for existing frameworks that reuse your existing test assets, e.g., importing Microsoft Visio models and HP UFT record and playback scenarios.

ConformIQ Quick Start Package is a support service delivered virtually. It includes all the software, planning, installation, SDLC tool integration, training, and support you need for your ConformIQ 360° Test Automation pilot project. You can purchase it standalone or together with a longer-term license. Contact our Sales Team for an estimate.

Training, Assistance, and Knowledge Transfer

World-class experts bring you up to speed and ensure success with your pilot project through:

• Interactive web-based training for ConformIQ Creator, ConformIQ Transformer, and tools’ integrations
• Installation and roll-out support
• Model reviews for your real-world projects
• Assistance in modeling, managing, automating, and optimizing test cases
• Specialized integration advice
• Project reviews, including kick-off, progress reports, and summary results

Supporting your Projects Planning and Management

ConformIQ experts work as part of your team to create a comprehensive project plan for your pilot, including:

• Requirements documentation
• Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• Test case documentation, scripts, and reports
• Project recommendations and the roadmap/schedule to deploy

Supporting ConformIQ Solutions and Tools’ Installation

We provide designated contacts on your team with all the assistance necessary to have your ConformIQ 360° Test Automation environment deployed quickly, including:

• Joint review of the current testing infrastructure
• Software deployment & validation
• Training in the new test environment
• SDLC Tools Integration

Learn More About our
Deployment Solutions

ConformIQ’s AI-powered solutions and automation tools will transform the way your software is tested, leading the way with next-generation test technologies that simplify and automate even the most complex systems-level testing environments. You can now build simple, high-level, formal models of a system under test and use them for an entirely automated generation of test cases.

The bottom line: we help you improve testing efficiency, reduce related costs, and achieve higher software quality with the most advanced test automation, automated functional test design technology, and seamless integration capabilities. If you are interested in deploying our solutions and tools, call +1 408 898 2140 today, or fill out the form here.