• TRANSFORM TESTING WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Introducing CITA (Conformiq Intelligent Test Automation) to Test Fast And deliver Faster

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    CONFORMIQ FOR MOBILE AND OMNI-CHANNEL TESTING - Omni-channel testing needs multi-platform support

  • EXPERIENCE CONTINUOUS TESTING WITH CONFORMIQ – Automate the Automation and perform better

  • FASTER SPEED@QUALITY WITH CONFORMIQ'S AUTOMATIQ - Fast track your testing processes with touchless test automation solution for manual tests

  • CONFORMIQ FOR MAINFRAME TESTING - Mainframe testing needs to reach data and networked devices

  • Announcing New Patent In The Area Of User Assisted Test Case Generation

Conformiq Creator Strengths -

Utitizes AI technology
  • To automatically scope and generate optimized test cases
  • To generate test scripts for automated execution from models and manual tests

Links requirements to test case generation
  • Displays the tests cover  requirements
  • As development progresses, test case evolve in sync

Optimizes exiting testing environments
  • Integrates with existing tools
  • Re uses and optimizes existing test cases
  • Enables omni-channel testing


API Testing needs Test Design Flexibility

CASE STUDY - Learn how an Insurance major leveraged Test Design Automation for Testing inter-application interfaces from user interface testing.

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Accelerate your Agile Testing with Automated Test Design 

WHITEPAPER - To make testing in an agile process successful, organizations should focus on two important testing operations, i.e. organize the testing process for repeatability and speed of change and design the tests well for known coverage. Conformiq Creator is designed to organize, design, document, and optimize your tests and do all this at speed.

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