Conformiq White Paper: Why Automate Test Design?

We recently published a white paper about the reasons why the process
of test design should be automated. Test design is a task of making
decisions on what to test and what not, how to stimulate the system
and with what data values, and how to system should react and respond
to the stimuli. The test design is a separate task from test execution
which is done before executing the tests against the system.

In this white paper we explain how test automation has traditionally
been focusing mainly on automating the test management and test
execution. With these solutions the process of test design is
unfortunately left as a manual activity. The problem with manual test
design is that it introduces a lot of risks and it takes a lot of
time, especially when the requirements change.

The main point that this white paper aims to bring across is that by
automating also the test design, the testing efforts can be
significantly reduced while at the same time the quality of the
testing can be increased.

The white paper can be downloaded

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