WEBINAR: Intelligent Test Automation in the Era of New IT

Today we’re in the midst of a major software delivery transformation, driven by the fast pace of technology and business change. Testing no longer can be confined within traditional manual processes. The future of testing lies in New IT - artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, intelligent automation, DevOps, agile and more.

Join us for our upcoming webinar, where thought leaders from Accenture and Conformiq will discuss today’s top industry innovations to make testing more intelligent, continuous, automated and future-ready.

Learn how to:

  • Automate an end-to-end, touchless testing process – guided by AI & analytics
  • Leverage data visualization for early detection of defects & potential failure points
  • Revolutionize the role of testing to quality engineering
  • Deliver technology to market faster, with higher quality and seamless customer experience

Let us explore together how you can embrace the “New” in testing to increase your business agility and gain a competitive advantage.

Date: May 12, 2017
Time: 9am PT, 12pm ET
Duration: 60 min
United States


WEBINAR: Continuous Testing for Agile & DevOps

According to the World Quality Report, only 18% of CIOs and IT testing professionals reported having no real issues with agile testing in 2015. One year later, this number dropped to 1%. Releasing quality products in sprint is the order of the day. The question remains, “But how?”

The continuous builds and releases of agile & DevOps require continuous testing. Yet the majority of today’s test automation solutions still require many manual steps - from writing test scripts to generating expected test results. They leave gaping holes for human error to creep in. And they often result in the same type of bottlenecks as manual-only testing approaches.

So how can you test at the speed of agile and still get the quality you need?

Join us for our next live webinar where you’ll learn:

  • What manual test steps you MUST eliminate in order to test effectively within each sprint
  • Why traditional test automation alone doesn’t really work in an agile environment
  • How to model complex workflows & requirements to detect defects earlier in development
  • How to tightly integrate existing test processes & tools to achieve agile & DevOps speeds

Unable to attend? Please contact us to receive a link to the recording.

DATE: 3 May 2017
TIME: 12pm BST, 1pm CET (summer time), 2pm EET (summer time)
DURATION: 60 min