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Topic: End-to-End Test Automation for the Digital Age

DATE: 3 May 2017
TIME: 12pm BST, 1pm CET (summer time), 2pm EET (summer time)
DURATION: 60 min

According to the 2016-17 World Quality Report, 60% of last year’s QA and testing budgets were consumed by new digital technologies (mobile, cloud, BI, IoT). This is up from 30% just two years ago. In order to deliver the “quality at speed” demanded by today’s markets, you MUST be able to automate the testing of these digital scenarios. Why?

The transformation to digital is becoming more widespread and disruptive than ever before. The push for more features across more platforms in less time is the new standard. Agile teams who use manual approaches for things like test design & script generation are feeling the pain. That’s why deploying the right agile strategies & automation technologies in 2017 will be more critical than ever before.

Looking for answers?

Join us for our next live webinar where presenters will discuss automated testing solutions designed to keep pace with the digital age. Come learn how to:

  • Benefit from Hexaware’s testing lifecycle automation solution (integrated Design2Execution Automation)
  • Leverage a proven 6-point formula for assuring digital testing success
  • Achieve E2E requirements traceability & know exactly what each test covers
  • Regenerate optimized test suites with every requirements change
  • Integrate with existing test management & execution tools to ease adoption
  • Position and execute agile testing as part of integrated agile delivery

If you are looking to assure your digital transformation, come learn how to streamline and automate your entire testing lifecycle in this upcoming webinar.

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