Recently I wrote a blog post about mutation testing. That post was a high level overview […]
Conformiq Designer 5.0
We are super excited to announce the release of Conformiq Designer 5.0 which includes a support […]
Mutants are here!!!
Mutation testing is a software testing method which involves modifying the system code in small changes, […]
As part of its engagement in the global MBT community Conformiq would like to raise awareness […]
Recently I wrote a blog post about the action language adopted and standardized by the OMG […]
I remember more than 10 years ago when we were making a decision on what the […]
Quite often when people talk about MBT (Model Based Testing) they intuitively assume that model is […]
I would be a very rich man if I would get paid a dime every time […]
We are asked every now and then whether Conformiq Designer is a tool for testers or […]