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Click here to automate everything!
Probably every test manager dreams of a world where test scripts work the first time, where tests and test scripts are maintained automatically, and where our test team spends their time on finding faults and going deeper in the system rather than redoing the same tests again and again because of changes in the specification.…
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Conformiq Endorses New ISTQB “Certified Model-Based Tester” Training
Model-Based Testing Certification Marks a Major Advance for the Software Test Community SAN JOSE, CA. November 3, 2015. Conformiq welcomes the release of the new Certified Model Based Tester Foundation Level syllabus and exam for certification by the International Software Testing Quality Board (ISTQB®), which was recently overwhelmingly approved in the ISTQB General Assembly in…
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End-to-End and Interoperability Testing with MBT
I recently had an opportunity to present in ETSI’s UCAAT conference a way to use component-enabled MBT to overcome some of the shortcomings with current interoperability and end-to-end testing approaches. Because this raised quite a lot of interest in the conference, I wanted to write a short blog post about the subject. (more…)
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