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Mutation Operators in Conformiq Designer
In recent blog posts about test generation for mutation testing, I have detailed that mutants introduce small changes into the original model each mimicking a potential software bug. These changes are seeded on a set of mutation operators that are rules applied to the system to create mutants. These are simple syntactic or semantic transformation…
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Generating Tests for Mutation Analysis
Recently I wrote a blog post about mutation testing. That post was a high level overview of what mutation testing is and how mutation analysis can be applied in automatic test generation. This time I was thinking of writing a more hands-on blog post about how to interpret and understand test cases generated by Conformiq’s…
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Mutation Testing
Mutation testing is a software testing method which involves modifying the system code in small changes, yielding a faulty system, a mutant of the original one. These changes mimic typical errors that a programmer could have made. The goal is to find weaknesses in a test suite and to develop more effective one. Mutation analysis is typically…
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