Conformiq's e2e automation approach applies AI to automate the automation, enabling end-to-end test automation in your software development lifecycle. With high test automation and low test maintenance, Conformiq’s solution enables in-sprint test automation in agile software development.

Conformiq intelligent test automation

Our solution adapts quickly to new product requirements, eliminating the time required for laborious test case creation, test execution & script maintenance during short sprints. Thus, delivering High Quality@Speed through a no-touch, script-free testing platform.

Conformiq users work on graphical models rather than test cases, which describe the System Under Test, or the application under test. From the model, our solution uses industry unique advanced intelligent algorithms to automatically design the necessary tests and test data, and automatically generate scripts for direct automated execution with any platform.

During this process, the requirements are cut and pasted into the model directly from the Requirements Management tool for traceability and generated test cases can be uploaded to the user’s Application Lifecycle Management or Test Management System. For design changes, our solution automatically updates the scripts, identifying new, same, and no longer valid test cases. The tests generated are optimized for minimum number and/or fast execution and create known documented coverage, improving the quality of the software/ product. Test case documentation is automatically generated in multiple languages if desired.

Key features:

  • Generate and update scripts and expected test validation results automatically for automated test execution systems
  • Change graphical model of the application and generate test cases on the fly
  • Generate and update test documentation for Application Lifecycle Management or and Test Management systems
  • Automatically optimize tests for faster test execution and known coverage
  • See exactly what each test covers through the application
  • Flag changes in product requirements to make maintenance faster
  • Automatically create and maintain test data
  • Jump-start modeling by importing software design / software architecture documents such as business, test, or automation assets
  • Import requirements to automatically generate end to end traceability
  • Automate the execution of new and existing tests, and transform manual tests into automatically executable tests
  • Extend industry-standard test automation tools, including existing and open source test execution tools


Conformiq Creator

Conformiq Creator automatically tests Enterprise IT applications, web applications, and web services. Creator is designed to automate functional, application, system, and end-to-end testing. This product requires no programming experience.


Conformiq Transformer

Conformiq Transformer automates the execution of new and existing tests, supporting a wide range of industry-standard SDLC tools, and improving the productivity of the entire QA organization. Working with Conformiq Creator, it extends the Conformiq 360° Test Automation solution.


Conformiq Designer

Conformiq Designer uses the power of Java, which allows for the simple test automation of complex systems, such as embedded software and network equipment. Highly intelligent algorithms automatically generate the necessary tests, which aids in improving software quality.


Conformiq 360° Integrations

Conformiq 360° Integrations offers important enablers that allows for easy integration with Application Lifecycle Management and other systems in Software Development Lifecycle. This product helps organizations create even more benefits.


Conformiq Grid and Conformiq Quick Start

Conformiq Grid is a companion product for Designer and Creator. It is a scalable cloud solution, which allows for organizations to effectively utilize Conformiq products and add more capacity when necessary.

Conformiq Quick Start is all about time to value. Conformiq expert consultants help you come up to speed rapidly with the next-generation Conformiq 360° Test Automation to obtain immediate productivity for your testing team. The Quick Start Package includes software, installation, training, documentation, and support.


Conformiq AutomatIQ

Conformiq AutomatIQ simplifies your test automation journey without requiring you to create models. Conformiq AutomatIQ is designed as an easy to adopt solution that imports existing test assets (test descriptions, test plans, etc.) and directly generates automation scripts without any programming. It applies AI technology that is non-intrusive and AutomatIQ can easily be trained by users to generate customized automation scripts.



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