Conformiq Creator “automates the automation” by automating the functional testing processes and speeding up the software development lifecycle of enterprise IT applications. Creator reduces the complexity of testing real world applications by thinking of the test cases and designing the optimized set of executable test scripts to cover the application being tested.

This unique solution can be used for testing enterprise IT applications through their graphical user interfaces (web, desktop, mobile, etc.), web service APIs (REST, SOAP), mainframe, back-end, or other operations including testing these different systems in combination.

Creator’s easy to use business requirement modeling feature also allows non-testers like business analysts to iteratively create models of functionality to be tested and document test coverage and generate optimized test scenarios, then have test architects add interface operation details as they become known or are decided to automatically generate executable scripts with validations. This provides a way for agile development teams to shift left to spread the modeling across the stages of development and then jump directly to automated execution with no further manual involvement.

Conformiq Creator not only enables agile testing and in-sprint test automation, but it is also designed for high re-usability when designs change ensuring faster testing turnaround to shorten time to market.

Conformiq Creator not only enables Agile testing and in-sprint test automation, but it is also designed for high usability and fast adoption.


  • Easy integrations with requirement/user story tools including Micro Focus ALM, CA Rally, Atlassian Jira, IBM DOORS, etc.
  • Provides e2e automation with minimal manual intervention
  • Unique capability to add user interactions and automatically turn them into optimized test step scripts with validations for automated execution


  • Executable test scripts generated for any test execution platform
  • Upload automated test cases to any ALM tool; track all test case changes
  • AI based reverse engineering technology converts manual test cases, Gherkin feature files, and other test assets to graphical models


  • No programming experience required
    • Utilizes familiar testing concepts, such as keywords, flow-charts, spreadsheet data import, and more
  • Easily model web or desktop applications or web services by modeling with similar native user interface components (WYSIWYG)


  • Fast deployment and easy integration
  • Pre-defined modeling framework
    • Standardizes test format
    • Simplifies development of test execution automation and maintenance
  • Pre-build plugins for test execution tools, Application Lifecycle Management, requirements, and more make integration easy
  • Import Business Process Model Notation and other diagrams to jump-start modelling


  • Tool of choice for common enterprise testing areas (Application, Integration, End-to-end, and Use Case Driven testing)
  • Full traceability against requirements and graphically through the model for known test coverage
  • Data driven test design for complex application testing

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