Agile Testing

The Importance of Continuous Testing in Agile Workflows

The demand for agile methodologies intensifies as the business world continues to evolve. The agile development methodology is a vastly adopted software development approach, focusing on collaboration, flexibility, and rapid, incremental delivery. Integrating agile testing automation can be the key to achieving fast and reliable software ...

Test Design Automation: Core of Test Automation

Introduction This blog post is an attempt to address the question of whether model-based testing (MBT) or also called Test Design Automation (TDA) has a bright future in the testing industry. Well, before that, this blog acknowledges that readers have some background knowledge in the field of software testing. The TDA extensively considers the ...

Decoding Agile Testing: Strategies & Best Practices

Agile techniques can significantly improve IT value delivery by transforming IT-business partnerships. However, value can only be provided when the broader IT management teams create a culture that promotes agile success. For efficient operations, every organisation, large, medium, and small, requires IT assistance and the seamless integration of new functions. The larger the enterprise, the greater the challenges and issues at hand. One of the most difficult challenges is balancing People-Process-Technology. Agile implementation in large organizations is more difficult than in small organizations.