E2E Testing

Key Factors for Successful Test Automation Adoption

The process of test automation can be both daunting and rewarding. With the rise of technological innovation, the importance of automation has become increasingly prevalent in the testing world. Let's explore how to unlock a new testing era and the crucial elements of test automation adoption. However, not all test automation implementations ...

The Importance of Continuous Testing in Agile Workflows

The demand for agile methodologies intensifies as the business world continues to evolve. The agile development methodology is a vastly adopted software development approach, focusing on collaboration, flexibility, and rapid, incremental delivery. Integrating agile testing automation can be the key to achieving fast and reliable software ...

Conformiq Blog: Improve Your Testing Game

I recently had an opportunity to present in ETSI’s UCAAT conference a way to use component-enabled MBT to overcome some of the shortcomings with current interoperability and end-to-end testing approaches. Because this raised quite a lot of interest in the conference, I wanted to write a short blog post about the subject. (more…)