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Real-world examples of Conformiq solutions

Major Pharmaceutical Company Undergoes Testing Transformation to Reduce Costs and Improve Overall Testing Process

A US headquartered global pharmaceutical corporation with over $16B in annual revenues faced the increasingly challenging issue of rising testing costs. The solution, provided by their testing services partner, included Conformiq Creator, which enabled them to achieve a 94% test efficiency gain.

Case study

International Financial Organization Accelerates Testing of its Customized SAP Applications for Faster Deployment

An international financial institution, headquartered in the United States, providing loans to developing countries for capital programs to promote international trade, was looking for a testing process improvement. Their manual testing methodology was taking too long and allowing defects to slip through into deployment. Clearly, investing in more testers or spending more time testing were not options they wanted to pursue. The bank realized it was time to look to new technology from Conformiq to improve both time to deployment as well as reducing defect slip-through.

Case study

Global Banking Company Transforms Testing to Overcome Challenges of Shortening Development Cycles

One of the world’s largest global banking companies, a bank with over 200 million customer accounts and banking operations in over 160 countries and jurisdictions, is continuously looking to leverage new technology and processes wherever possible.

Case study

Telecom Giant Uses ATD to Speed Time-to-Market for Mobile and Multi-Platform Applications

Driven by intense time to market demands for releasing new products and services, an American multinational telecommunications corporation (and one of the largest providers of mobile and fixed telephone services in the United States) investigated options for improving the speed and effectiveness of their application testing methods.

Case study

Financial Institution Deploys Conformiq 360° Test Automation to Test at the Speed of Agile Development

One of the world’s largest financial companies needed to reduce its time to product release. In an industry with an ever-changing set of rules, financial regulations, and microeconomic changes, this company knew that their ability to test complex, new applications quickly and effectively was critical for both their current
and long-term success.

Case study

Telecom Giant Deploys Conformiq 360° Test Automation™ Widely to Speed OSS/BSS Application Testing

An American multinational telecommunications corporation investigated options for improving the speed and effectiveness of their application testing methods. They recognized that traditional manual test design and execution methods could no longer sustain the delivery pace needed for them to get their new products to market quickly and reliably.

Case study


Agility and MBT applied to software communication client project at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent used Conformiq Designer in Agile software development project, developing communication client. Case study focuses on benefits of combining Conformiq Model Based Testing and Scrum. Mathieu Pamard and Ronan Thepaut from Alcatel-Lucent show how human readable test cases and machine readable test script for automated test execution are generated automatically from models with Conformiq Designer, enabling in-sprint test automation.

Case study
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Adoption of MBT in Continuous Process Control Applications

For industrial control, Conformiq with Model Based testing (MBT) and system modeling with state machines was successfully applied to continuous process control applications. This approach, with control system design templates for reuse, found real process control loop bugs, hard to find using manual methods. Results: improved factory acceptance testing with a distributed control system and control loops; reduced manual work; higher test quality and coverage.

Case study


Model Based Testing for VoIP Phones

Avaya applied Conformiq Model Based Testing methodology for developing Internet telephony system. Avaya was facing a challenge of not being able to scale the resourcing and testing methodology to respond to increasing number of product features to test. By switching to Conformiq Model Based Testing methodology, Avaya achieved up to 5x productivity gains in testing within six months.

Case study
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Model-Based Testing (WP7)

In this case study by automotiveHMI (co-operation with Audi, Porsche, Daimler, Volkswagen, MAN, Bosch, Continental), Dr. Christoph Steglich from Daimler AG discusses the approaches that Audi and Daimler have used for Model Based Testing. Model based testing is used to generate tests automatically from model that describes system behavior.

Case study
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Experiences from Applying MBT in an Agile Scrum Context

Ericsson has used Model Based Testing methodology with Scrum and is describing the approach, its benefits and challenges they faced.

Case study


Model driven workflow applied to an IMS Application server

IMS Application server teams at Ericsson have implemented Model Driven Design and Model Based Testing methods. Models are used for code generation and for test generation. In MBT same model is used to create test scripts automatically for two different automated test execution systems, in TTCN-3 and xtUML. Antal Wu-Hen-Chang and Tibor Csöndes discuss how Model Based methodology has improved the collaboration between Agile teams.

Case study


Model Based Testing: experiences from TTCN-3 point of view

In this case study Tibor Csöndes (PhD) explains the difference between traditional testing utilizing test scripts and MBT approach, and discusses the benefits of MBT. Conclusions include MBT experiences and sharing best practices.

Case study
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Improve Functional Testing via Model-Based Automated Test Design

Vinay Kumar from Honeywell explains how Model Based Testing Methodology using Conformiq Designer is applied to Functional Testing. System model created with Conformiq QML language, and is used as basis for generating the tests automatically. Case study discusses the benefits of MBT.

Case study
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Model Based Testing deployment in Telecommunication project

Szilárd Széll and Gábor Federics from Nokia describe how Conformiq Model Based Testing was used to solve major software development challenges: Huge amount of existing (legacy) functionality, shorter release cycle, more customization, pressure on cost effectiveness, while meeting the quality goals.

Case study
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Core Banking Enhanced Test Design Case Study

Oracle Financial Services applied Conformiq Model Based Testing methodology to functional testing of core banking services. Case study discusses the observations during the project and the achieved benefits.

Case study
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Total Economic Impact of Conformiq Tool Suite

Forrester Research analysed the economic impacts of utilizing Conformiq products and methodology. Case study discusses Return On Investment, monetary value, and other benefits.

Case study
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