Conformiq Keeps It Real at UCAAT

Oct 27, 2015 | Blogs

Many conferences in Europe target testing, but if I need to choose just one, I definitely choose UCAAT!

The Conformiq team was in Sophia Antipolis, France last week at UCAAT, demonstrating our solutions. For anyone who does not know about UCAAT, it is ETSI’s annual User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing, focusing on both automated test design and test execution automation. See for details. Here’s why I say this.

  • Testers and test managers are talking about test – Keeping it Real!
  • This is one of the rare conferences where you see the audience executing tests while listening to the presentations!
  • And why not continue the discussion around coffee after the conference? We do! Frank discussions around real testing problems and challenges, and how to solve them. Viewing different testing solutions from both big and small company perspectives.

Whether you are in enterprise IT, communications, or embedded software, the UCCAT conference is an eye opener. Some highlights:

So if you were at UCAAT and have an interest in technical solutions and pragmatic discussions, please contact us and learn about Conformiq 360 Test Automation.

If you missed the show, put UCAAT on your calendar for next year: UCAAT 2016, 19-20 October 2016 in Budapest, Hungary. For immediate information, just contact us to set up a demo and discussion…

P.S. See us in the above featured picture at UCAAT: