Exploring Behavior Driven Development (BDD) in Modern Software Development

Jan 11, 2024 | Blogs

From industry experts to recently published market research, all data suggest that Behavior Driven Development or BDD is the next big thing! More and more businesses are now moving towards BDD, giving way to Gherkin/Cucumber as the framework for the software development process. It’s time to dive into why this software development approach and why you should pay attention to it.


The Misalignment Challenge in Software Testing

In your software testing experience, how often have you found a disconnect between your documentation, test cases, and automation scripts? Not to mention the constant changes in the requirements that mandate re-work. This is a common challenge in software development projects, where a small oversight can lead to significant issues.


Decoding BDD in Agile Development

BDD isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a collaborative strategy bringing diverse minds together in the realm of software engineering. Behavior Driven Development promises more efficient software development by bringing the “3 Amigos – business, development, and testing” together. Its impact? Significant – Unfortunately, today they speak 3 different languages with 3 different objectives and with BDD, enterprises can leverage technology to capture the value of the process. 

  • Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: In complex systems, the importance of effective communication between teams cannot be overstated.
  • Efficiency and Simplicity: BDD encourages simple, efficient test cases over complicated ones. This approach reduces errors and enhances clarity.
  • From Documentation to Automation: With BDD, you can seamlessly transition from user stories to automation – execute, iterate, and improve continuously.

While the concept of BDD is straightforward, implementing it in your agile software development cycle requires a keen strategy for real success.


Watch a video on BDD Introduction by Matt Wayne 


ConformIQ’s Journey with BDD

At ConformIQ, we’ve not only addressed existing challenges in BDD but also advanced its concepts for stronger communication, faster workflows, and more inclusive team collaboration. 


Introducing ConformIQ Visualizer

ConformIQ Visualizer, a BDD SaaS tool available on Atlassian focuses on Visual BDD, integrating BDD and automation into a single platform. It features:

  • Visual BDD Mapping: Using BPMN diagrams, enhances the clarity and maintainability of user stories.
  • Collaborative Features: Work simultaneously on documents with automatic structure checks, various manual export options, and more.
  • Data Integration: Embracing the adage “Data is the new oil,” you can effortlessly incorporate data into your BDD files, test cases, and automation scripts. The tool supports diverse data sets and simplifies their usage in BDD.

And there’s more – a dedicated automation hub within ConformIQ Visualizer, where you can whip up and automate your cucumber scripts with ease, keeping them in sync with your GIT repositories.


You can try the new BDD solution here


ConformIQ Visualizer in Atlassian Marketplace


In Conclusion: 

Thanks for sticking around! BDD is reshaping the software development landscape. With tools like ConformIQ Visualizer, we’re not just coding; we’re revolutionizing how software is developed and delivered. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in this space!


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