Conformiq Transformer: Automated Test Execution

Jan 11, 2016 | Blogs

We all know the power of test automation and model-based testing (MBT).

    • But has your traditional test automation approach lived up to its promise?
    • Do you spend 70% of your time in test execution?
    • Do you use a variety of software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools?
    • Do you have legacy test and manual tests you want to use, along with your automatically-generated tests?
  • Do you want to decrease the time and resources needed for test execution, while maintaining the integrity of your existing flow?



If so, our announcement of Conformiq Transformer™ is great news!

The new Conformiq Transformer software platform automates the execution of new and existing tests, supporting all the popular test execution and SDLC tools in your flow, to improve the productivity of your entire QA team.

Conformiq Transformer builds upon Conformiq Creator™, the automated test design solution, extending the Conformiq 360° Test Automation solution for complex system testing at the speed of development.

Conformiq Creator generates executable test cases, scripts and documentation from models.

Conformiq Transformer shortens the path to test automation.

  • Prepares tests for automatic execution, both for test cases automatically generated by Creator, and for manual or existing test cases.
    • Supports reuse of existing test assets – test cases, requirements, and prototypes.
    • Simplifies MBT adoption using existing methods.
  • Integrates your SDLC process across a wide range of industry-standard test automation and execution tools, both commercial and open source.
    • Directly links to popular tools, standards and flows for documentation, ALM requirements and test management, automated test execution, with no changes required.
  • Reduces testing effort and the need for test execution expertise by automating functional testing and test execution.
    • Minimizes manual involvement, programming, and scripting.


New Conformiq Transformer helps save up to 70% of the required effort to automate test execution, and supports DevOps, Continuous Integration, and Agile processes.

With new Conformiq Transformer, Conformiq 360 Test Automation further accelerates and automates the end-to-end testing process, and is especially effective for web-based applications.

Eliminate your test automation backlog and gain control, automation, integration and speed across the software testing cycle.

Automate test execution for all your tests!

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Or just contact Conformiq about getting started with Conformiq 360° Test Automation and Conformiq Transformer.