TechM’s DevOps-Ready Test Execution Platform

Sep 15, 2015 | Blogs

Tech Mahindra – an Indian multinational specialist in digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering solutions across the Enterprise/IT and Communications markets– has created a DevOps platform called “Continuous Test Management” or CTM for short where an integral part is “Continuous Testing” as they call it. CTM is essentially a platform that goes from fully automated test design all the way to automated test execution and reporting.  The test cases are first fully automatically designed and generated from system models. The tests can be optionally augmented with custom test data (this is purely an optional step as the automated test design technology deployed is capable of producing not only test flows but also full test data [numbers, strings, structured data, Booleans, arrays and other containers, etc] with timer values). The tests can then be executed automatically or in batch in a simulated and virtualized environment but naturally also against the real system in real target environment. The detailed test execution results are integrated and fed in to the test management solution for reflective causal analysis. Everything is integrated in to a continuous integration system where the above pipeline can be triggered based on various events. The platform leverages and integrates several mainstream test automation tools and environments. For automatic test design, the platform uses technology provided by Conformiq.