What’s New in Conformiq Creator? Latest Updates

Jan 6, 2016 | Blogs

Our new Conformiq Creator 2.1.3 release is available now!

As you know, Conformiq Creator, part of the Conformiq 360 Test Automation solution, provides the most sophisticated and comprehensive automated test design solution in the industry, enabling the next generation of testing for complex testing environments. It accelerates the software development lifecycle, supporting Agile testing, functional testing, application testing, in-sprint test automation, system testing, and end-to-end test. Conformiq Creator is also designed for high usability and fast adoption.

This new release delivers tighter, more comprehensive integrations with tools that may already be in your software development lifecycle (SDLC.) It’s great for testers, architects, and subject matter experts such as business analysts, featuring easy-to-use integration across their software testing flow. This release helps you get more efficient access to your existing assets.

New integration capabilities include:

  • Microsoft Visio: Import Visio diagrams (*.vdx files) and automatically generate Activity and Structure Diagrams.
  • Selenium: Import Selenium assets, including Selenium IDE recordings, Java files, and more, to automatically generate Structure Diagrams.
  • HP UFT/QTP: Import HP UFT/QTP assets, such as exported UFT/QTP object repositories, vb/qfl/txt files, etc., and generate Structure Diagrams.
  • Manual Tests: Import your manual tests, specified in Microsoft Excel format, to generate both Activity and Structure Diagrams.
  • HP ALM and Rally: Automatically map requirements to tests in HP ALM 11.0, 11.5 and Rally.

You can learn more about all the Conformiq 360 Test Automation integrations here.  For more information on Conformiq Creator, click here or email sales@conformiq.com.

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Have fun working with Creator 2!

Holly Stump and the Conformiq Creator Development Team