Conformiq Announces Latest Software Release

Jul 11, 2018 | Press Releases

 Creator 4.0 release focuses on higher Performance, Intelligent Automation and Scalable Architecture for end-to-end test delivery

Press Release

Saratoga, California and Bangalore, India – Jul 2nd, 2018. Conformiq Inc, a leading provider of Test Automation solution announces availability of the latest version of its enterprise solution, Creator 4.0. The pioneering Test Design automation solution is the only enterprise product to provide efficient and faster test generation solution.

The highlight of this release is the substantial improvement in performance and responsiveness that further dramatically improves the user experience for 360° Test Automation solution. With improved features and functionalities, model loading is instant for even complex scenarios and test generation completes within minutes.

The new version release is significant since it unveils the foundation of Conformiq’s new intelligent test automation technology as part of a set of new of scripting backends. This technology leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate fully executable test scripts from pure textual descriptions for execution against mobile and web applications. It supports open source tools like Appium and Robot Framework and works well with Conformiq Transformer too. The release also focuses on the functionalities which enable Intelligent automation and Continuous Testing in the DevOps environment for end-to-end testing scenarios.

‘Conformiq is committed to deliver the best-of-breed Test Automation solution to its client by addressing the latest market trends. We have always stayed ahead of the curve by delivering innovative test automation solutions with every new release. The new version combining AI, enhanced performance & tuneable optimization will not only meet the emerging needs of our clients but will also strengthen our leadership in the market, ‘said Mark Creamer, CEO & President of Conformiq.


About Conformiq:

Conformiq is a leading software technology company, focused on automating test automation, functional testing design and software quality. Conformiq’s Intelligent Test Automation solutions are designed to automate the entire testing processes from design to generation to execution with minimal human intervention. Our solution adapts quickly to new product requirements, eliminating the time required for laborious test case creation, test execution & script maintenance during short sprints. Thus, enabling High Quality@Speed through a no-touch, script-free testing platform.

Conformiq’s products integrate with all leading Test Automation and requirement management tools for e2e automation, from requirements to test execution, uniquely auto-generating data, executable scripts, validations, and traceability.

Contact Information –

Supriya V Gondkar

Conformiq India Pvt Ltd