Conformiq’s European Strategic Partnership

Nov 6, 2019 | Press Releases

With combined expertise, Conformiq aims to become the most innovative and trusted test automation solutions provider.

Press Release

California, November 6th 2019. Conformiq Inc, the leading provider of next generation test automation solutions has announced strategic partnership with Qentinel, a leading provider of Robotic software testing solution that accelerates software creation and provides insights that help you deliver fast and flawlessly. This partnership marks the next chapter for both companies and aims to combine technical expertise around Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation to deliver next generation test automation solutions.

The relationship becomes unique with the vision of unified strategies to resolve growing customer demands in test automation. The partnership focus will be on Research & Development to make the solution more comprehensive and unique to large-scale test automation for business-critical information systems. With enhancing the technology platforms, this strategy will address two core customer asks – Deliver value fast and Assure end-to-end business processes.

Mark Creamer, President and CEO of Conformiq Inc commented, “I am excited about the opportunity to expand into Robotic Software Test Automation and deliver a complete testing solution with the most modern technologies to accelerate our client business growth. Our new strategic partnership will prove to be a significant step in the company’s evolution, and we continue to deliver significant and immediate value to our customers and partners.”

Esko Hannula, CEO of Qentinel commented,“The amount of software testing keeps growing as release cycles get shorter while systems become more complex and intelligent. The only way to keep up with the pace is hyper-scalable intelligent automation. The combination of Qentinel Pace, robotic software testing solution, and Conformiq’s advanced test modelling technology meet the quality assurance needs of the software-driven world.”

With this approach, Conformiq Inc is geared to address the growing demands in test automation space by improving business outcomes and lowering costs. The company also aims to become the market leader in test automation and will continue to implement its enhanced sales and marketing campaign for business growth.


About Conformiq:

Conformiq is a leading software technology company, focused on automating test automation, functional testing design and software quality. Conformiq’s Intelligent Test Automation solutions are designed to automate the entire testing processes from design to generation to execution with minimal human intervention. Our solution adapts quickly to new product requirements, eliminating the time required for laborious test case creation, test execution & script maintenance during short sprints. Thus, enabling High Quality@Speed through a no-touch, script-free testing platform.

Conformiq’s products integrate with all leading Test Automation and requirement management tools for e2e automation, from requirements to test execution, uniquely auto-generating data, executable scripts, validations, and traceability.

Contact Information –

Supriya V Gondkar

Conformiq India Pvt Ltd


About Qentinel:

Qentinel is an international software testing and quality assurance company, headquartered in Espoo, Finland. Qentinel’s main product is Qentinel Pace that helps accelerate software development and improve the user experience with robotic software testing. Qentinel is headquartered in Espoo, Finland with local offices in Düsseldorf, Germany and Chicago, Illinois.

Contact Information –

Esko Hannula

Qentinel Ltd