Conformiq’s AI Tech Funding from Business Finland

Dec 26, 2018 | Press Releases

Conformiq to accelerate product roadmap engineering


Press Release

Helsinki, Finland and Bangalore, India Dec 26th, 2018. Conformiq, a leading provider of next generation test automation solutions has announced a round of financing from Business Finland to strengthen their Artificial Intelligence based technology. The investor selected the project to accelerate the development and the delivery of the next generation technology.

This financing will help Conformiq strengthen its technical expertise around Artificial Intelligence especially in the field of machine learning.

With the investment, Conformiq is developing an intelligent test automation technology that converts test plans and documentation written for manual testing directly into end-to-end test automation by leveraging recent breakthroughs and rapid development in the field of machine learning and natural language processing. The AI based solution will help large test organizations to effortlessly migrate from manual to automated end-to-end testing with the objective to bring huge savings in cost along with quality improvements. Within the project, the technology will be evaluated and benchmarked using real-world data to fine-tune its applicability for solving industrial scale testing challenges.

What makes this unique is this approach not only delivers the efficiency and quality improvements it also establishes a foundation for effectively adopting agile processes and implementing continuous testing with DevOps.

The funded project falls under the AI Business program under Business Finland that aims to make Finland the best place to research, develop and utilize AI and platform economy in business. Business Finland recognizes that the novelty and potential of the innovations in the project are enormous, but as the investments to AI are resource intensive, additional funding was deemed crucial for accelerating the development. With the funding, Conformiq will deliver these innovations on the market, gain further competitive advantages and increase the level of expertise in AI.

Kimmo Nupponen, VP Engineering and Chief Scientist says, “Conformiq is a true pioneer and visionary in test automation especially automating test design solutions for more than a decade now. With help of the funding by Business Finland, we are excited to continue this journey by launching a project that aims to deliver a game-changing technology enabling a smooth and automated migration from manual to automated testing, something that we have not really seen in the industry”.


About Conformiq:

Conformiq is a leading software technology company, focused on automating test automation, functional testing design and software quality. Conformiq’s Intelligent Test Automation solutions are designed to automate the entire testing processes from design to generation to execution with minimal human intervention. Our solution adapts quickly to new product requirements, eliminating the time required for laborious test case creation, test execution & script maintenance during short sprints. Thus, enabling High Quality@Speed through a no-touch, script-free testing platform.

Conformiq’s products integrate with all leading Test Automation and requirement management tools for e2e automation, from requirements to test execution, uniquely auto-generating data, executable scripts, validations, and traceability.


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