Conformiq’s Transformer for Automated Testing

Feb 23, 2016 | Press Releases

Transforms Tests for Execution, extending the Conformiq 360° Test Automation Solution

SAN JOSE, CA. February 23, 2016. Conformiq™, transforming software testing with 360°  Test Automation™, today announced Conformiq Transformer™, which helps automate software testing across all markets by transforming tests for execution. The new offering extends the Conformiq 360° Test Automation solution for complex system testing at the speed of development.

One of today’s issues is that with new technologies such as model-based testing, software testers now spend about 30% in test design, and 70% in test execution. The transformation required is to shorten the time and decrease the resources needed for test execution, while maintaining the integrity of the existing software development lifecycle (SDLC) tools flow. The new Conformiq Transformer software platform automates the execution of new and existing tests, improving the productivity of the entire quality assurance organization.

The new Conformiq Transformer solution shortens the path to test automation, simplifies model-based testing (MBT) adoption using existing methods, and automates manual test execution. It builds upon Conformiq Creator™, the automated test design solution.

While Conformiq Creator generates executable test cases, scripts and documentation from models, Conformiq Transformer enables the transformation of tests for automatic execution, both for automatically generated test cases and for manual or existing test cases. Conformiq Transformer helps integrate the SDLC process, without requiring any changes to popular tools, standards and flows. It extends the value of a wide range of industry-standard test automation tools (commercial and open source) for automated test execution.

New Conformiq Transformer helps save up to 70% of the required effort to automate test execution, and supports DevOps, continuous integration (CI), in-sprint, and Agile processes.

“Conformiq Transformer technology was developed to address the key bottleneck in software testing. Companies need a way to automate test execution, the most significant cost and time sink in today’s SLDC flow. Transformer automates execution of existing, legacy, manual tests as well as automatically-generated tests from Conformiq Creator.” commented Mark Creamer, CEO of Conformiq. “Every software organization can benefit from this new solution, expanding our market and providing significant new value for our customers.”

“Customers expect significant reductions in testing cost through automation, which traditional test automation approaches failed to deliver. Conformiq Transformer changes that by allowing dynamic generation of automated test scripts directly from the model,” stated the program manager at an international testing services provider.

Conformiq Transformer reduces testing effort and the need for test execution expertise by automating functional testing and test execution, minimizing manual involvement, programming and scripting. It directly links to automated execution frameworks and SDLC tools and processes and leverages existing test assets – test cases, requirements, and prototypes. Now, testers can eliminate their test automation backlog and gain control, automation, integration and speed across the software testing cycle.

Features of the new Conformiq Transformer software platform include:

  • Automated execution of new and existing tests- provides the only integrated link between automated test case generation, and automated test case execution.
  • Automated manual test case execution – imports manual tests for automation, and transforms manual tests into automatically executable tests.
  • Automated execution of automatically- generated tests – extending the power of Conformiq Creator.
  • Extension of industry-standard test automation tools to improve the productivity of the entire QA organization – the only solution that fully automates text execution for every major SDLC and execution framework and platform: Application Lifecycle Management, Test Management, Automated Test Execution, and Requirements Management systems.
  • Automated test execution without programming – eliminating time-consuming, unmaintainable scripting with the ability to create and automate tests using drag and drop, form-based test suites, test case and keyword editors, assisted keyword automation, and live-check of test suites.
  • Consolidated view of automated test case design, creation, execution, management and validation – Eclipse integration for a consolidated view for the tester; with support for existing and / or open source test execution tools.

With new Conformiq Transformer, transforming tests for execution, Conformiq 360 Test Automation further accelerates and automates the end-to-end testing process across all markets, including enterprise IT, communications and embedded software, and is especially effective for web-based applications. Please contact Conformiq about getting started with Conformiq 360° Test Automation.


Conformiq Transformer is available immediately. For more details and pricing information, please contact

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Conformiq is transforming software testing with Conformiq 360 Test Automation™, providing the most sophisticated and comprehensive automated test design solution in the industry. The unique Conformiq 360Test Automation technology enables the next generation of testing: transforming, streamlining and automating even the most complex system-level testing environments.  Conformiq 360Test Automation improves efficiency with a 40% faster test case development cycle; enables delivery of higher quality code through 50% more defects found;  increases manageability with 50% better collaboration: and reduces costs with a 400% return on investment. Conformiq serves enterprise IT, communications and embedded software markets worldwide. Privately-held Conformiq is headquartered in San Jose, California, with a worldwide delivery and support organization including offices in Finland, Germany, Sweden, and India. Visit Conformiq at and connect with us on LinkedIn and on Twitter.